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Product description
Unique portable design
Relying on sonosonic's patented ASIC chip technology, the m-turbo ultrasonic system is highly integrated. The weight of the whole machine is only 3.4kg. It adopts a solid metal frame shell and an anti liquid splash silicone keyboard, which can meet the stable use in various severe clinical environments.
Intelligent image processing technology
The m-turbo is equipped with
•SonoMB ®- Multi beam composite imaging technology
•SonoHD ®- High resolution imaging technology
•ColorHD ®- High resolution color imaging technology
•SonoAdapt ®- Adaptive imaging technology
•SonoMBe ®- Needle tip imaging enhancement technology
And other intelligent image processing technologies to ensure the presentation of the best image quality and enhance the confidence of diagnosis and operation.
Sonosonic patent: sonombe needle tip imaging enhancement technology
The industry's first puncture needle imaging enhancement technology adopts a unique algorithm to extract and amplify the weak puncture needle signal, which enhances the puncture needle imaging effect without affecting the two-dimensional image quality. This technology improves the defect of poor display of needle tip caused by too large needle puncture angle, greatly improves the accuracy and patient satisfaction in the process of doctor puncture operation, and can greatly reduce complications.
Industry unique durability and after-sales support
Each sonosonic convenient ultrasonic equipment adopts American military manufacturing standards, and the host and probe pass the 1m drop test to ensure stable performance in harsh environments. At the same time, sonosonic provides the industry's only 5-year original host warranty. Rapid after-sales service response can ensure that every clinical operation is supported by ultrasonic visualization technology.
Focus on ultrasonic visualization education and training
Over the past 17 years, sonosonic has accumulated rich ultrasonic visual education and training resources. In addition to comprehensive offline education and training courses, professional education and training teams, and a large number of online teaching videos and reference images, you can learn anytime, anywhere.
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