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Kangtai arteriosclerosis tester
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Kangtai arteriosclerosis tester

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 Kangtai electrocardiograph ECG-1200G
Kangtai electrocardiograph ECG-1200G
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Pwv: pulse wave velocity, assessment of arterial stiffness ABL: ankle brachial index; Ba: hip ankle index. Indicators for evaluating vascular stenosis and obstruction measure ECG, heart sound, limb pulse wave waveform and limb blood pressure reservation data: reservation management function, input information in advance, facilitate rapid inspection of data management: data display, data classification management, data operation, data retrieval automatic diagnosis: automatically analyze the results and print reports according to the collected data: provide a variety of print report templates

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Technical parameters of arteriosclerosis detector
1. easy operation, no manual intervention is required after the inspection, and the report is automatically generated;
2. perfect medical record management, which can check the same patient for many times and provide appointment function;
3. case data review function, users can browse case data conveniently;
*4. the diagnosis result is automatically generated, and the user can select the diagnosis term to edit the diagnosis result;
*5. provide abi\pwv report and exercise load report, with pictures and texts and clear results;
6. the detection equipment uploads the case data to the server through the network, and experts diagnose and reply to the report. Users can also browse the case report through their mobile phones to understand their personal health status at any time.
7. safety features: anti electric shock type: ordinary type, class I; Degree of protection against electric shock: BF type;
8. ECG: calibration voltage: 1 MV ± 5% Amplitude frequency characteristic: 1 hz~75 Hz based on 10 Hz; ECG noise level: ≤ 30 µ V, common mode rejection ratio: ≥ 60 db; Heart rate: 30 BPM ~ 300 BPM, error ± 1 BPM or ± 1%, whichever is greater.
*9. heart sound: amplitude frequency characteristics: the difference between the sinusoidal waveform with an input frequency of 20 Hz ~ 250 Hz and the amplitude of 100 Hz is ≤ 10%.
*10. noninvasive blood pressure: measurement method: oscilloscope method (simultaneous measurement of single limb, single side and four limbs); Range: 0 mmHg ~ 290 mmHg; Resolution: 1 mmHg; Power off protection: it has the function of automatic deflation after power off; Safety pressure: the maximum control pressure can be set by yourself, and the maximum measured value can be 290 mmHg; Power supply: 220v/50hz, input power: ≤ 30VA (host).
11. transportation and storage conditions: transportation and storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +55 ℃, transportation and storage humidity: ≤ 95%, transportation and storage atmospheric pressure: 700 HPA ~ 1060 HPA.
12. normal working conditions: ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃; Relative humidity: ≤ 85%; Atmospheric pressure: 700 HPA ~ 1060 HPA;
*13. in the same cardiac cycle, collect ECG, heart sound and limb pulse wave signals to calculate the pulse wave conduction velocity baPWV and evaluate the degree of vascular sclerosis; The ankle brachial index (ABI) was calculated to evaluate the degree of arterial stenosis and occlusion in the lower limbs.
14. the equipment includes: computer host, LCD, printer and trolley.
15. the enterprise has passed ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality management system certification.
16. the detection equipment can transmit the medical records through the network, and the experts can make a diagnosis and reply report. Users can browse the ice dew report through their mobile phones to know their personal health status at any time (optional).

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