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HOLOGIC dual energy X-ray bone mineral density
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HOLOGIC dual energy X-ray bone mineral density

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Product description

Main features of hologic products
In 1987, hologic company developed the world's first dual energy X-ray bone densitometer, which made a qualitative leap in the field of osteoporosis diagnosis. In the past 20 years, hologic has been leading the development of bone densitometer. At present, there are more than 20000 installed machines in the world. Most of the bone densitometers used by the world's famous medical colleges and scientific research institutions are hologic products, which are recognized as the first brand of bone densitometers in the world.
The real fan-shaped beam scanning technology is adopted, which is similar to the CT imaging mode: since the development of dual energy X-ray bone densitometer, there are four scanning modes:
Advantages of the first generation pen beam scanning: economy; Disadvantages: long scanning time, poor image and overlapping scanning.
The advantages and disadvantages of the second generation narrow angle fan beam scanning lie between the first generation and the third generation.
The third generation sector scanning has poor continuity and needs trial scanning.
The fourth generation continuous full sector scanning has the advantages of no scanning overlap, good image and fast speed. The disadvantages are high price.
What we recommend is the fourth generation product - Holy discovery wi. It has 64 detectors and adopts advanced fan-shaped beam scanning technology. The scanning is completed in one time without superposition, leakage, track distortion and deformation. The standard scanning time of spine and hip joint is only 30 seconds. More array detectors (64 detectors, other manufacturers only have 1-2 detectors if bidding pen beam products) ensure that at the same scanning speed, Obtain more and more accurate data to ensure that the image quality is comparable to that of X-ray films (many manufacturers have to adopt "false color" due to insufficient image information).
Hologic discovery hip joint hologic discovery spine
The unique design with movable scanning table and scanning arm is especially suitable for the elderly and people with mobility difficulties:
The bone densitometers of all manufacturers are movable scanning arms. Due to the open structure design of hologic products, the scanning table and scanning arm can move. It provides greater range of motion. The height of the bed can be lowered to allow patients to get on and off the bed conveniently when checking for some elderly people and people with mobility difficulties.
High energy output: 140/100kv energy is used to ensure greater penetration, especially for obese patients. Exchange type pulse dual energy, constant, no interference, separate acquisition without leakage and superposition. High accuracy measurements are maintained when BMD is very low.
X-ray tube with large capacity and oil cooling: 10mA tube has large capacity and is not easy to be broken down. Oil cooling reduces the cooling time and prolongs the service life of the tube.
Wide range of clinical applications: routine spine anteroposterior and lateral position, bilateral femurs, muscle fat analysis (including visceral fat), human body composition analysis, fracture risk prediction... And other analysis software. Provide Chinese database and Chinese printed report randomly.
Patented internal calibration system: the patented internal calibration drum has the equivalent of human bones
Soft tissue density material, system continuous calibration, patient data and known
Data shall be compared to ensure data stability and repeatability. It means that in addition to conventional
In addition to power on command and control, each beam of wire sent by the instrument has been calibrated. Our high standard is to give you higher diagnostic confidence
Simulated human spine module: the components of the solid-state quality control module are equivalent to those of the living body,
The density and shape completely imitate the human spine and vertebral body, with long-term stability and precision
Replace densitometer in drug test.
   easy to operate: the QDR interface built on windows has strong affinity and is extremely easy to operate
Convenience. It can realize man-machine dialogue. All next steps are graphically prompted. Scanning process on
At the beginning, if it is found that the previous positioning area is not very accurate, the scanning range can be adjusted according to the image
There is no need to stop the machine and go to its side for adjustment. This greatly facilitates the operator.
Best accuracy: the accuracy can be less than 1% under various conditions, which is the highest standard in the industry. This is the reason why most scientific research institutes, colleges, universities, pharmaceutical factories and general surveys use the hologic bone densitometer.
The appearance design is exquisite and scientific: the X-ray ball tube is located below the patient and the detector is above. The distance between the two is 70cm. At the same time, it ensures good penetration effect and large measurement space to accommodate all testers. The scanning is parallel to the long axis of the patient's body, so that the cross-sectional data of the patient can be obtained at the same time, without missed scanning and superposition, ensuring accuracy and rapid penetration.

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Technical parameters of horizon wi bone densitometer
Equipment name: whole body dual energy X-ray bone densitometer
Application: the content of bone mineral and muscle fat in human body, diagnose osteoporosis, predict fracture risk, and monitor the curative effect of osteoporosis.
With China CFDA and international FDA certificates
Technical specifications:
Serial number
Hologic technical specifications
X line source
one point one
Mode of dual energy X-ray
Steady voltage
Pulsed generation of high and low dual energy X-ray
one point two
Peak range of dual energy: high energy 140kV, low energy 100kV
one point three
Maximum withstand current of bulb tube 10mA
one point four
Heat load of ball tube: 3400 btu/ hour
one point five
Cooling mode of ball tube: complete oil circulation cooling
one point six
Scanning mode: continuous sector beam scanning and acquisition technology - unique CT sample scanning and sampling, along the long axis of the human body, without turning back and missing scanning
one point seven
Automatic intelligent scanning: no pre scanning
Detector system
two point one
The type of detector is high-resolution multi-element ceramic digital detector
two point two
Number of detectors: 64
three point one
Open scanning table, the bed surface can move back and forth, left and right
three point two
Bed size: 202cm long; Width 80cm
three point three
The extended area length of the scanning table is 302 cm; Width 150cm
three point four
Maximum effective scanning field: length x width 195cmx65cm
three point five
Scanning time: 30 seconds in the standard scanning mode of the lumbar spine or hip joint in the AP position; Whole body 4.5 minutes
three point six
Precise laser positioning lamp
three point seven
Full set of scanning positioner
three point eight
Scanning accuracy
Living lumbar spine or hip joint: ≤ 1.0%
Scanning accuracy of quality control module for imitating human lumbar spine: ≤ 0.6%
Good long-term stability, 5-year long-term accuracy ≤ 1.0%
three point nine
Maximum patient weight limit of scanning table: 204kg
three point one zero
Distance between scanning arm and scanning table: 60cm
three point one one
Working noise 53.8 DB
Scanning site and clinical application function
four point one
Orthopedic spine scanning and evaluation
four point two
Lateral spine scanning and evaluation
four point three
Unilateral femoral scan
four point four
Automatic scanning and evaluation of bilateral femurs
four point five
BMD scan of the whole body, and separate area analysis and measurement of limbs, chest and abdomen
four point six
Whole body muscle / fat composition analysis, and separate area analysis and measurement of limbs, chest and abdomen
four point seven
Automatic who body mass index assessment
four point eight
Automatic scanning and evaluation after artificial joint replacement.
four point nine
Forearm automatic scanning and evaluation
four point one zero
Measurement and analysis of bone mineral density in any region of interest
four point one one
DICOM3.0 interface
Clinical application software package
five point one
Operating environment: Windows 7 professional Chinese version
Chinese operation software of bone densitometer
five point three
Chinese image test report of bone mineral density results
five point four
Bone mineral density and standard bone mineral density calculation software package
five point five
NHANES reference database
five point six
ISCD International Association of clinical bone densitometers analysis report system
five point seven
Reference database of bone mineral density in Chinese Mainland
five point eight
Comparison and analysis with the previous scanning results
five point nine
Automatic exclusion software for abnormal bone mineral density area or metal
five point one zero
Screen scanning position adjustment (the scanning position can be fine adjusted on the screen through software to ensure the accuracy of measurement)
five point one one
Weight / race difference correction software
five point one two
T-value and Z-value analysis software
five point one three
Who fracture risk assessment
five point one four
Calibration system: including quality inspection procedure, QA situation analysis and quality inspection model
five point one five
Test result trend analysis software
five point one six
Special analysis for curved spine
five point one seven
Automatically compare the patient's previous images during scanning
five point one eight
Chinese multi position integrated report software - multi position integrated report system, which prints all detected positions on one report for joint evaluation
Radiation dose
six point one
Spine / femur radiation dose: local ≤ 0.07m Gy; Whole body ≤ 0.015mgy
six point two
Operator scattering dose: overflow dose at 1m away from scanning ≤ 0.4mr/ hour
computer system
seven point one
Master computer
Computer workstation dual core above 3 GHz
Win7 operating system
Memory: ≥ 4GB
Hard disk: ≥ 500GB
DVD ± RW drive
seven point six
Display: ≥ 19 "LCD
seven point seven
HP color inkjet printer
eight point one
Automatic quality control test procedure
eight point two
External calibration system -- simulated human spine phantom
eight point three
The system is calibrated continuously. There are substances equivalent to the density of human bones and soft tissues in the internal calibration drum. The system is calibrated continuously. The patient data is compared with the known data to ensure the stability and repeatability of the data. Each beam of radiation is calibrated.
after-sale service
nine point one
Warranty period: 1 year
nine point two
Training: the professional trainer is responsible for the training of machine side operation until the user is proficient in it.

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