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Nikkiso hemodialysis device
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Nikkiso hemodialysis device

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Product description

Comprehensive citrate anticoagulation model
7 pump 4 scale superelevation configuration
Citric acid + heparin combined anticoagulation
Networked big data management
Intelligent control of TFL total liquid loss
Renal dose - real time delivery dose

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Continuous bedside blood purification equipment (CRRT)
1、 Basic specification requirements
★ 1. It has 7 drive pumps (blood pump, replacement fluid pump, dialysate pump, waste liquid pump, citric acid pump, calcium pump and integrated heparin pump).
★ 2. Anticoagulation: it supports citric acid anticoagulation, heparin anticoagulation and citric acid + heparin combined anticoagulation. The background setting of the type of citric acid anticoagulant used by the hospital is supported. You can freely choose 4% citric acid anticoagulant or ACD-A, AC-A and other anticoagulants.
★ 3. It has 4 liquid balance scales, including displacement liquid scale / dialysate scale, filtrate scale, citric acid scale and calcium scale. Multi bag mode can be selected for the balance scale. The balance scales are placed at the lower end of the machine, with zero calibration function. The compensation value is calculated automatically each time the machine is started.
★ 4. The integrated pipeline can be separated from the filter, and the modes can be switched freely without adding consumables. All treatment modes can be completed with one set of pipeline.
5. The built-in integrated high-efficiency double-sided coil heater can safely heat the replacement fluid and dialysate at the same time. The heating range: 35 ℃ -39 ℃, progressive 0.5 ℃, or no heating 0 ℃, and automatically prompt the bag change time.
★ 6. The built-in renal dose calculator can set the patient's weight, and the machine automatically displays the real-time delivered dose to help customers improve the quality of CRRT treatment.
★ 7. It has a TFL management system, which can automatically correct the deviation of fluid balance in and out, and ensure that the total error of a treatment fluid is less than 50g/ 20g of low volume for adults, so as to ensure the safety of treatment.
8. With CRRT data transmission function, it facilitates clinical access to hospital information system, implements networked big data management, can export treatment data in real time through data connection, supports setting data output format and output interval, and can be accessed to hospital information system to realize networked big data management function.
9. It shall have the function of automatic degassing pot, automatic control of replacement liquid level, equipped with degassing pressure monitoring and automatic degassing pump to reduce the contact between blood and air.
10. With ultrasonic detection and optical detection at the vein clamp, bubbles with a minimum volume of 1ul can be detected when the blood flow rate is 200ml/min
2、 Main technical and performance specifications
1. Drive pump:
1.1. Blood pump flow rate: 30~400ml/min
1.2 flow rate of dialysate pump: 0~8000ml/h
1.3 flow rate of displacement liquid pump: 0~8000ml/h
1.4 flow rate of filtrate pump: 0~10000ml/h
1.5 heparin pump 1~15ml/h
1.6 citric acid pump 0 -650ml/h. The step is 1ml/h, the accuracy is 5% at the maximum flow rate, and the system accuracy: the overall pump and scale is 0.5% at the maximum flow rate.
1.7 calcium pump 0-300ml/h. 2-30ml/h steps of 0.2ml/h, 30-300ml/h and 1ml/h can be set. The accuracy is 5% at the maximum flow rate. The system accuracy: the pump and calcium scale are 0.5% at the maximum flow rate.
2. Pressure monitoring
2.1 arterial pressure -250mmhg~+300mmhg
2.2 venous pressure -60mmhg~+300mmhg
3.3 pressure in front of filter -0mmhg~+400mmhg
3. Balance scale:
3.1 provide a balance scale for weighing multiple bags at the same time, and the replacement liquid scale and filtered liquid scale can automatically prompt the bag change time
3.2 weighing range of liquid balance scale: 0~20kg
3.3 linear accuracy of balance system: 0.1%
3.4 the displacement liquid scale and filtrate scale are placed at the lower end of the machine to prolong the service life of the machine and prevent corrosion of the machine due to liquid seepage
4. Built in integrated high-efficiency heater, heating displacement liquid: 35~39 ℃, increasing every 0.5 ℃
5. With ultrasonic air monitor, blood leakage monitor, therapeutic liquid degassing pot, venous pot and venous clamp
6. It can be diluted separately before or after, or at the same time, and the proportion can be changed at any time
★ 7. The screen displays the current diagnostic data and historical data of the patient; Provide the data of the last three stages of treatment. Each stage has 100 hours of data storage, and a total of 300 hours of data storage can be carried out. The treatment data is displayed in a list or in a trend graph.
8. The help prompt function can be used in all modes, including how to use, explanation and error message prompt
9. Personalized configuration mode, which can be customized according to customers' personalized needs to meet users' usage habits.
Customization options include:
9.1. Whether blood pump and citric acid pump are linked
9.2. Whether the calcium pump and waste liquid pump are linked
9.3 set the molar concentration of citric acid anticoagulant in steps of 1mmol/l
★ 9.4. Optional citric acid anticoagulation mode support enabled by default, including CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHDF, TPE and other options.
9.5 calcium ion monitoring reminder function and reminder interval can be set
3、 Alarm system
1. Arterial pressure alarm, venous pressure alarm, filter pressure alarm, TMP alarm
2. Bubble detection alarm and device abnormal alarm
3. Replacement fluid / dialysate bag change alarm
4. Bag change prompt in advance
4、 Treatment mode
1. Slow continuous ultrafiltration (scuf)
2. Continuous venous hemofiltration (CVVH)
3. Continuous venous hemodialysis (CVVHD)
4. Continuous venous hemodiafiltration (CVVHDF)
5. Plasma exchange (TPE)
6. Hemoperfusion (HP)
7. All treatment modes can be switched freely during treatment without adding or replacing consumables. All treatment modes can be completed by a set of pipelines
★ 8. RCA anticoagulation can realize integrated citric acid anticoagulation in CVVH, CVVHD, CVVHDF and TPE modes
9. The pre or post dilution can be carried out separately, or the pre and post dilution can be carried out at the same time, and the proportion can be changed at any time.
5、 Configuration requirements
1. With backup battery
2. Provide complete operation and maintenance manual in Chinese
3. All pressure sensors of the equipment are non-contact pressure sensors to avoid infection.
★ 4. It has children's treatment mode, treatment consumables for children weighing 3kg, and registration certificate support.

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