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Qian Jing's psychological evaluation
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Qian Jing's psychological evaluation

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Product description

1、 Product characteristics
1) Extensive and comprehensive evaluation platform
The adult psychological evaluation system is a medical professional psychological evaluation software specially designed and produced by psychologists in strict accordance with psychological norms. It has more than 60 sets of professional psychological evaluation scales built in, covering nine major fields. It is highly professional and has a complete range of categories. It can effectively and accurately measure the current psychological state of the subjects
2) Automation of evaluation process
The evaluation process of the system is automated without manual scoring. The evaluation results and evaluation time are automatically saved and processed in real time, and the result analysis report is generated; It avoids the tedious scoring and file management process of traditional paper and pencil tests. It has friendly interface and simple operation, which greatly reduces the clinical workload, improves the work efficiency, and enables the subjects to quickly obtain evaluation reports and psychological files.
3) Provide professional and reliable analysis and suggestions
The system conducts real-time analysis on the evaluation data and generates corresponding evaluation reports. It is an effective auxiliary tool for psychological evaluation, diagnosis and improving consultation efficiency. It helps psychological counselors to quickly and accurately know the problems of visitors and their causes. Compared with other psychological evaluation software, the system can provide users with more comprehensive and professional evaluation information.
4) Classified management of Psychological Archives
The system can add detailed information of the tested person and establish the basic file of the tested person; After the evaluation of the subjects, the system can store the important information of each subject, including basic personal information, evaluation scores, result analysis and reference suggestions. The operator can query by number, name and date to view the old and new records of the tested person. The system supports the implementation of separate file management based on the tested person. The data storage and extraction are convenient, easy to manage and not easy to lose.
2、 Software module functions
1) Marriage and family test: it can help the subjects understand their marriage quality, family environment, quality of life, physical health and life satisfaction.
2) Mental health test: evaluate the psychological and physical health of the subjects.
3) Stress and related tests: it can objectively reflect the stressors, stress methods and social support of the subjects in a certain period of time.
4) Sub health test: evaluate the sub-health status of subjects, such as fatigue, sleep quality and loneliness, and provide professional guidance programs.
5) Psychiatric test: assess whether the subjects have mental diseases such as psychosis, obsessive-compulsive disorder and alcohol dependence, as well as the side effects and life effects of psychotropic drugs on the trainees.
6) Geriatric and other assessment tests:
It is easy and quick to evaluate the dementia, depression and other abnormal conditions of the elderly.
7) Emotional test: to detect the degree of anxiety and depression of the subjects' subjective feelings or performance, and put forward suggestions on managing emotions and solving social troubles.
8) Personality test: help the subjects understand their own personality characteristics and temperament types, and help them improve their behavior, interpersonal relationships, work performance, team cooperation, leadership style, etc.
9) Intelligence test: help the subjects understand their intelligence structure, including observation, attention, memory, thinking and imagination, and help them tap their strengths and potential.
3、 Product use
Psychological evaluation system is a computerized tool for psychological evaluation. The evaluation can systematically reflect the mental health status and psychological quality level of the trainers in the emerging stage, and provide basis for the rehabilitation division to carry out mental health counseling, psychological counseling, psychological rehabilitation, etc.

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1、 Product composition
It is composed of computer host, 19 inch touch display, printer, speaker, keyboard, mouse, workbench, communication cable, software (including dongle), etc.
2、 Normal operating conditions
1) Ambient temperature: +10 ℃ ~ +35 ℃;
2) Relative humidity: 35% ~ 75%;
3) Power supply voltage: AC220 V ± 22 V, power frequency: 50 Hz ± 1 Hz;
4) Software operation platform
a) Compatible machine
b) CPU: core dual core 2.6 g or above
c) Memory: 2 GB or more
d) Hard disk: 160 GB or more
e) Graphics card: integrated graphics card or above
f) Sound card: integrated sound card or above
g) Operating system: Windows 7 (Professional Edition)
5) Startup preheating time: not less than 2 min
3、 Main technical indicators and parameters
1) Overall dimension (length × wide × Height): 1000mm × 710mm × 1140mm
2) Input power: 500VA

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