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Keoda operating microscope
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Keoda operating microscope

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Product description

Three level change of lighting spot (small spot, normal spot and green spot) the brightness digital nine level display film is turned on, the focusing is automatically set in the center, and there are upper and lower focusing limits and fault alarm buzzer prompts. The assistant mirror is selected to be observed by two people with four eyes or three people with six eyes. The assistant mirror and the main mirror have the same magnification, the same field of view and the same optical path

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1 Chengdu keoda Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
Chengdu Corder Optics&Electronics Co., Ltd
Technical parameters of asom-4 operating microscope
1. Primary mirror
1.1 the latest achromatic lens and coating technology ensure the best contrast and clarity
1.2 eyepiece: 12.5x, pupil distance range 50~75mm, visual acuity adjustment +6d~ -6d
1.3 objective lens: f=200, optional 250300mm, 350mm
1.4 30 º ~90 º variable inclination primary mirror
1.5 zoom mode and magnification: manual / electric continuous stepless zoom 3x~27x
1.6 field diameter: Φ 85~8.2mm continuously stepless adjustable
1.7 built in beam splitter design (non split type), which can connect CCD camera interface, digital camera interface and image processing workstation
★ 1.8 the left-right tilting angle of the main and auxiliary mirror body (head) is ≥ 15 º
★ 1.9 the lens is a dual fiber dual insert lens, 0 ° coaxial lighting, and the optical fibers can be interchanged. It can be used at the same time or separately
2. Assistant mirror
2.1 observe the assistant mirror at 180 ° to the main mirror
2.2 there is no obvious difference between the assistant mirror and the main mirror in terms of stereoscopic sense, brightness and other optical quality
2.3 assistant mirror: manual / electric continuous stepless zoom 3x~27x, the same field of view, the same magnification and the same optical path as the main mirror
2.4 monocular or binocular teaching mirrors can be selected
3. Lighting system
★ 3.1 two groups of halogen cold light sources, or two groups of light sources composed of LED cold light sources and halogen cold light sources, each group of light sources has not only independent bulbs and optical fibers, but also independent voltage stabilizing circuit system, independent heat sink and independent brightness adjustment switch, which are placed in the cross arm, extension arm and electric control cabinet, and are not external light sources. Two groups of light sources can be used at the same time or one group of light sources can be used independently during operation, and can be switched quickly
3.2 transmission mode: coaxial cold light source optical fiber lighting
3.4 halogen cold light source illumination, illumination spot ≥ Φ 50mm, maximum illumination of object surface ≥ 100000lx; LED cold light source lighting, color temperature value 6500k, maximum illumination of object surface ≥ 60000lx
4. Support system
4.1 arm balance type: spring automatic balance, maximum adjustment range ≥ 500mm
4.2 maximum extension radius of arm: ≥ 1200mm
4.3 luxury rack: cross arm rotation angle: ≥ 270 °, extension arm rotation angle: ≥ 240 °
4.4 X-Y plane shifter range: ≥ 50mm × 50mm, can be reset to zero
5. Foot switch
5.1 pedal electric fine-tuning focus, continuous stepless zoom of main and auxiliary mirrors, X-Y translation control, and X-Y automatic reset
★ 5.2 startup focusing automatic centering, 8 power position limit and fault alarm buzzer prompt
5.3 maximum range and speed of electric fine-tuning focus: ≥ 50mm, Z-direction focusing speed: < 33S whole process
6. Scope of application
6.1 it is specially used for microsurgery and teaching demonstration, such as bone hand surgery, urogenital surgery, plastic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, animal experiment, anatomical surgery, life research, etc.
6.2 configure 1 12V DC power interface and 1 video output interface
7. Main configuration
7.1. 1 pair of 30 º ~90 º variable inclination primary mirror 7.2. 1 pair of hand binocular assistant mirror
7.3. One double fiber stepless zoom lens 7.4. One set of left and right tilting mechanism
7.5. One set of built-in beam splitter 7.6. One set of X-Y plane shifter (automatic zeroing)
7.7. Two sets of built-in double optical paths 7.8. One large objective lens with focal length f=200mm    1
7.9. Limit and fault alarm    1 set 7.10. 1 built-in main negative dual power supply electric control cabinet
7.11. Cross arm and multi-functional extension arm   1 set 7.12. Multi functional foot controller   1
Note: key technical parameters are marked with ★, and the rest are general technical parameters

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