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Medsonic belmet acoustic emission detector
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Medsonic belmet acoustic emission detector

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 GSI otoacoustic emission (screening) detector
GSI otoacoustic emission (screening) detector
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NATUS otoacoustic emission (audiometer)
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Product description

The otoacoustic emission detector uses simulation method to study the properties and auditory mechanism of otoacoustic emission, analyze otoacoustic emission signals, and study the frequency selection characteristics, amplitude characteristics and frequency delay characteristics of cochlea; Continuous spectrum, short-time spectrum, AR spectrum and wavelet transform are used to describe the characteristics of otoacoustic emissions.

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Otoacoustic emission testing handheld parameters
Two test functions are available at the same time:
★ TEOAE and DPOAE functions
2、 Test method: using otoacoustic emission technology
TEOAE evaluation method: noise weighted average, signal peak calculation stimulus type: click (nonlinear) stimulus level: 607083dbspl stimulus rate: < = 50Hz receiving frequency: 841hz ~ 4757hz
Display: curve display, parameter display.
DPOAE evaluation method: phase statistical method
Test range: 984hz to 6000Hz stimulus type: two basically matched pure tones
Display: DPOAE level, test progress, noise level, signal-to-noise ratio and waveform
The results show: DPOAE level, noise level and signal-to-noise ratio
Display: Operating Language: all Chinese test interface type: color, TFT, touch screen, with adjustable LED backlight size: 4.3 inch resolution: 272 × 480 pixel key durability: at least 1million times of reuse per touch screen point key: capacitive touch screen key
★ memory: the host memory can store 2000 tester data
Real time clock:
When the machine is connected with the computer, it can be synchronized with the computer;
Data interface: Computer: USB data interface
Temperature range of transportation and storage environment: -10 ~ +40 ℃ humidity range: 20 ~ 80% (relative), non condensing air pressure: 500 hPa ~ 1060 HPA operating environment: temperature range: 10 ~ 40 ℃ humidity range: 30 ~ 80% (relative), non condensing air pressure: 700hPa ~ 1060 HPA patient safety: patient safety meets the following standards u2601-1, IEC 60601-2-26, IEC 60601-2-40: internal power supply, BF type
Electromagnetic compatibility standard: yy0505-2012
Power supply and battery battery type: rechargeable lithium battery 7.4v/2400mah, full charge 8.4v estimated battery power: continuous use for 8 hours (based on standard use, actual use or affecting battery service time) battery level indicator: Level 4 battery level indicator
PC interface: interface type: USB2.0, full speed USB power supply: usage < 100mA current from USB interface printer interface: Bluetooth connection
DC power input: input voltage: 12V DC ± 5%teoae and DPOAE

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