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Peninsula multifunctional laser platform
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Peninsula multifunctional laser platform

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 Shanghai Yibei semiconductor laser
Shanghai Yibei semiconductor laser
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 Jinlaite semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument
Jinlaite semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument
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Product description

Mild, moderate and severe acne, eliminate acne inflammation, and have a certain effect of freckle removal and skin rejuvenation;
Treatment of cystic acne Reduce acne and scar formation;
Treatment of hormone dependent dermatitis;
Photodynamic therapy for Bowen's disease and superficial basal cell carcinoma Basal cell carcinoma. Keratosis, mycosis fungoides, etc;
Carry out red light introduction treatment of skin nutrients such as skin hydration, vitamin C and essence;
With botulinum toxin, IPL strong light and laser skin changing. Microcrystalline grinding Eyelid plastic surgery. Breast plastic surgery and other skin beauty treatments to improve the effectiveness of these treatments
Effectiveness and safety;
Wound healing treatment of bullous skin diseases such as herpes, bullous pemphigoid and herpetic dermatitis;
Herpes zoster, herpes simplex and other viral skin diseases, promote wound healing after plastic surgery and reduce surgical scars and pigmentation;
Infectious skin diseases such as purulent herpes, folliculitis, boils, carbuncle, erysipelas, dermatitis, eczema, drug rash and other itchy skin diseases;
Bedsore, chilblain and vasculitis Ulcer and gangrene caused by varicose veins;
Fungal skin diseases such as tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea manus and pedis, acne, rosacea Alopecia areata;
Combined with photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy, wrinkles, orange peel tissue, acne scars, skin relaxation, stretch marks Freckles, etc;

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technical parameter
Trade name: biological photosensitive therapeutic instrument (red and blue light)
Model: derma-450+633
1. Light source: led/ visible light
2. Light source composition: 240 blue lights and 400 red lights
3. Wavelength: 450nm ± 10nm, 633nm ± 5nm
4. Indications: suitable for analgesia and anti-inflammatory, promoting tissue repair, promoting tissue regeneration of new epithelial cells, promoting the formation and growth of new blood vessels, and treating allergic dermatitis and inflammatory acne.
5. With upgradeable function, the following phototherapy modules are optional: derma-590, derma-633, derma-uva1, derma-670, derma-830.
6. Output strength:
Blue light 60 ~ 90mw/cm2 adjustable, error ≤± 20%
Red light 50 ~ 80mw/cm2 adjustable, error ≤± 20%
7. Pulse frequency: 2Hz ± 1Hz
8. Pulse width: 250ms ± 10ms
9. Treatment head shape: Oval
Adjustment mode of treatment head: 3-way adjustment of joint arm, treatment head and Treatment Panel
Height adjustment range of treatment head: 0.8m-1.4m
10. Display: 8 "LCD
11. Operation control system: full computer touch screen operation control
12. Timing range: 1 ~ 99min, step length: 1min
13. With temperature indication function
14. Power supply: ~ 220 V, 50 Hz

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