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HFMED shadowless lamp
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HFMED shadowless lamp

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 Marco ostar led operation shadowless lamp series
Marco ostar led operation shadowless lamp series
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Product description

Purpose and performance:
The 500 sled surgical shadowless lamp adopts LED technology, which is the most advanced at present. It has a variety of unique performance and advantages, and can better meet the lighting of various operations.
Leading technical advantages of LED series:
☆ super brightness
☆ handle control 8-gear dimming
☆ lighting source with long service life
☆ perfect cold light effect
☆ perfect effect superior to natural light
☆ excellent color reduction
☆ ideal appearance meeting purification requirements
☆ all key components are international famous brand products, and the operation is stable and reliable
Super light intensity:
Multi lens light source matrix design to achieve super strong and uniform lighting effect on surface and depth
500 sled surgical shadowless lamp, in which the 500 sled multi lens light source matrix contains 72 LED (light emitting diode) light sources, and each LED light source can emit light independently and form light domains with different focusing positions in the surgical area through their respective convergent optical lenses. The combination of these light domains realizes super strong and uniform lighting effects on the surface and deep, and the maximum brightness can be as high as 140000lux to meet the needs of various surgeries.
Handle control 8th gear dimming
Computer digital control, with eight sections of continuously adjustable brightness selection, and illumination memory function, so that the operator can use it conveniently without frequently adjusting the brightness.
Lighting source with long service life
The service life of LED light source is more than 50000 hours, and the average service life is 50 times that of ordinary shadowless halogen light source.
Perfect cool light effect
The LED light source does not produce infrared ray, and the temperature rise of the doctor's head is <2 ℃. At the same time, the extremely low temperature rise in the surgical area also avoids the loss of body fluid caused by the temperature rise of the patient's surgical site during the operation, thus solving the problem of affecting the wound healing caused by the higher temperature rise of the ordinary shadowless lamp.
Perfect effect superior to natural light
The LED light source does not produce ultraviolet light, which solves the problem of the influence of the ordinary surgical lamp on the healing of the surgical incision.
The color temperature of LED will not change with the change of light intensity at any time. Its unique characteristics make it a real green light source.
The emergence of LED light source has subverted the existing era of surgical lighting, which is a good news for doctors and patients. Reduce the doctor's visual fatigue and reduce the risk of cataract due to long-time work under strong light.
Excellent color reduction
The LED chip with high color rendering is used to restore the original true color of the irradiated tissue and more accurately judge the diseased tissue.
Ideal appearance meeting purification requirements
The operating room must strictly comply with the air purification standard. The unique open shape design of LED series shadowless lamps in line with the aerodynamics principle greatly reduces the lamp cap area that blocks the flow of purified air, thus minimizing the air disturbance under the lamp that affects the purification effect, so it has the best laminar flow performance.
The key components are international famous brand products, and the operation is stable and reliable
Balance arm brand: ondal, LED bulb brand: OSRAM
Equipped with professional balance arm, six groups of joint linkage, light movement, stable positioning, 360 degree omni-directional design, which can meet the needs of different heights and angles in the operation.
The adjusting handle is equipped with a pull-off handle jacket, which can be disinfected in the ultraviolet sterilizer or ethylene oxide sterilizer, and can be sterilized at high temperature (≤ 134 ℃). The sterilized dimming handle ensures that the light spot fine adjustment during the operation is in a sterile state.
With wide voltage operating characteristics, it works stably and has strong anti-interference ability within the range of ac180v-250v of mains power.
Flame retardant materials are safe in temperature resistance and comply with IEC standards. It has passed ISO9001, ISO13485 and CE certification.

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Technical parameters:
500 LED lamp cap diameter 500mm;
Illumination (Lux) 500 led ≥ 120000;
Spot diameter (mm): 200 ~ 300;
Color temperature (k): 3800K ± 300K, 4400k ± 300K, 5000K ± 300K;
Color rendering index (RA): 85 ≤ RA ≤ 100;
LED bulb life: 50000h;
Total irradiance: 500 led:310w/m2;
The light source of shadowless lamp is 1m away from the illuminated surface, and the illumination depth when the illuminance reaches 20% of the central illuminance is ≥ 1200mm;
Power supply voltage: ~ 220v/50hz;
Input power (VA): 140;
Bulb power (W): 3.2v/1w;

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