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Baiyunshan extracorporeal lithotripsy
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Baiyunshan extracorporeal lithotripsy

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 Devlen extracorporeal diaphragmatic pacemaker (EDP)
Devlen extracorporeal diaphragmatic pacemaker (EDP)
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Product description

Cts-415a technical specification
1、 Equipment: full digital ultrasonic imaging diagnosis system
2、 Application: abdomen, blood vessel, breast, gynecology and obstetrics, superficial structure, musculoskeletal, Urology, Pediatrics / newborns, small organs, gravel positioning, etc
3、 Technical performance
1. full digital host
2.15 inch LCD
3. Chinese display interface, Chinese operation panel, silicone keys and backlit keyboard, backlight brightness 50 levels adjustable
4. support Chinese and English language interface display
5. probe automatic freezing protection function, 2-gear time optional
6. English input and Chinese input, including five stroke input method and Pinyin input method
7.tgc control section 8
8. gray scale: 256
9. scanning mode: B, 2b, 4b, m, b/m, zoom B
10. maximum display depth 30cm
11. sound output function rate: 0% ~ 100%, step 2, visual and adjustable
12. total gain adjustment: 0 ~ 100dB, adjustable in steps of 1
13. dynamic range: 30 ~ 180db, adjustable in 4dB steps
14. preset conditions: there are 10 kinds of preset conditions. The user can customize the preset conditions, preset the inspection conditions of the optimized image, and reduce the adjustment during operation
15. probe: abdominal probe frequency 2.5 ~ 6.0mhz; The frequency of high-frequency probe is 5.0 ~ 13.0mhz, and there are five basic wave frequencies for each probe
16. one key Optimization: parameters can be customized to one key, and 8 groups of customizable optimization modes can be saved
17. User defined keys: 6. Users can define common functions on the user-defined keys, so as to call them conveniently
18. amplification function: real time picture in picture amplification; 16x adjustable magnification
19. gray scale 0 ~ 23 adjustable
20. Edge enhancement 0 ~ 3 adjustable
21. Frame correlation 0 ~ 7 adjustable
22. focusing mode: 1 ~ 4 emission focus, 30 focus positions adjustable
23. M-type gain independently adjustable
24. 256 frames of B-type movie playback and 2000 seconds of M-type movie playback
25. special positioning center line for gravel can be selected
26. equipped with general measurement, abdominal measurement, obstetrics and Gynecology measurement, cardiac function measurement, urology measurement, peripheral vascular measurement, small organ measurement, orthopaedic measurement and reporting software
27. interface: dual USB interface, video output, print control, foot switch, RJ-45
4、 Configuration
1. Configuration: host (built-in two probe interfaces) + one abdominal probe

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Shock wave peak 20mpa-50mpa
Shock wave focusing depth 100-115mm
Pulse width of shock wave ≤ 1 μ s
Discharge voltage range 4~12kv
Shock wave front ≤ 0.5 μ s
Three dimensional positioning accuracy ≤± 1mm

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