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Belling electric knife
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Belling electric knife

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 Semeng electric knife
Semeng electric knife
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 Medtronic power electric knife
Medtronic power electric knife
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Semeng electric knife
Medtronic power electric knife
Product description

PAC system with automatic output power compensation is adopted, and the power is compensated under different tissue impedance through computer automatic regulation; Three outputs: one unipolar electrocoagulation, one unipolar electrocoagulation and one bipolar electrocoagulation; It has six working modes: cut-off 1, cut-off 2, cut-off 3, spot coagulation, jet coagulation and bipolar electrocoagulation; The three-way power of electric cutting, electric coagulation and bipolar electric coagulation is adjusted independently; It has a negative plate circuit electrode contact area monitoring system (double electrode); Bipolar low voltage output technology and bipolar automatic output, with single and bipolar automatic conversion function; It is suitable for endoscopic prostatectomy and other operations.

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Dgd300b-2 high frequency electric knife (multifunctional)
1、 Main technical parameters:
1.   single pole electric switching  :
Cut 1:300 w
Cut 2:250w
Cut 3:150w
2.   single pole electrocoagulation:
Point setting: 120W
Spray coagulation: 100W
3. bipolar electrocoagulation:
Bipolar foot controlled electrocoagulation: 70W
Bipolar automatic coagulation: 70W
4.   main frequency: 450kHZ
5. rated input power: 1100va
2、 The system includes:
Host   1 set
Two double key tool handles
1 set of cutter head
Two foot switch    1
Disposable neutral plate    10 pieces
1 special cable for neutral electrode plate
Bipolar tweezers gun type 22cm   1
One special cable meter for bipolar tweezers
1 power cord 3M
3、 Features:      
*1. it has six working modes: single pole (pure cutting, mixed cutting   I, mixed cutting   II, point coagulation, spray coagulation) and bipolar electrocoagulation (foot control, automatic).
2. it has bipolar automatic output function.
*3. it has the function of automatic output power compensation, and the p.a.c system automatically adapts to various human body impedances.
4. it has an output power of 300W.
5. it has memory function.
6. bipolar low voltage output technology, with single double and bipolar automatic conversion function.
7. suitable for all kinds of endoscopic surgery.
*8. it has a real-time monitoring system for the electrode contact area of the muscle laying plate circuit (double piece electrode plate).
9. the random consumables adopt the international standard interface, which is cheap.
4、 Safety performance:
Automatically detect and absorb high-frequency leakage current.
Audible and visual alarm for neutral electrode fault.
Automatic protection of short circuit output.
Neutral electrode plate monitoring.
Automatic detection and compensation of output power error.
5、 Normal working conditions of the manipulator:
Ambient temperature: 5~40 ° C
Relative humidity: £ 80%
Atmospheric pressure: 86.0~106.0kpa
Power supply: 220 ± 22V, 50 ± 1Hz
6、 Overall dimensions: length, width and height:
425 mm *400* mm 160mm weight: 10kg
VII ISO9001-2008, ISO13485-2003 quality management system certification

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