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Medtronic intraoperative nerve monitoring
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Medtronic intraoperative nerve monitoring

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NIM3.0 ---4
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Product description

The intraoperative nerve monitoring system allows you to confirm the integrity of the nerve during surgery

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Nim 3.0 intraoperative motor nerve monitor
Bidding technical parameters
Number of channels: 4/8 channels, which can be selected independently or simultaneously
Channel control key:    high definition display touch screen with adjustment knob
Screen: touch screen and blue background display, EMG and EMG signal values are displayed on the same screen, which is more intuitive and clear
Mini display screen: synchronize the host screen to observe the EMG signal from multiple angles
Graphical prompt: clearly indicate the system connection steps in the form of an intuitive picture, and define the muscle pricks
Position of excitation electrode and connection sequence of patient interface box
Self inspection function:    automatic detection function, with "√" and "X" symbols to clearly identify the system connection
Success or not
Sound prompt: there is a clear prompt sound when the stimulation probe contacts the nerve, and APS is used to continuously stimulate electricity
Alarm tone in case of nerve damage at extreme time
Software update: the manufacturer is responsible for updating the system software without replacing the hardware
Recording electrode
Subcutaneous recording type: paired needle subcutaneous electrodes, ensuring that the same electrode is inserted to monitor innervation
Corresponding muscle groups of
Neural monitoring endotracheal intubation: the vocal cord recording electrode produced by the same factory is integrated with the special endotracheal intubation for neural monitoring. The intubation surface is smooth and connected with the neural monitoring host of the same factory to ensure the signal stability and protect the vocal cord from iatrogenic damage
Continuous stimulation electrode: APS (automatic periodic stimulation electrode), placed in the vagus nerve,
For continuous monitoring of neurological function during operation
Coated surface nerve monitoring endotracheal tube: trivantage, an integrated vocal cord recording electrode produced by the same factory
After monitoring the special endotracheal tube, the recording electrode is coated with special material, flat
The sliding surface is connected with the nerve monitoring host of the same factory to ensure the signal stability
Protect the vocal cords from iatrogenic injury
Impedance measurement
Control: automatic check electrode property
Measurement range: 0-200 kohm ± 20% or ± 100 ohms
Artifact detection and rejection
False image elimination: automatically detect through the reference electrode in the neutral tissue to eliminate false signals
Anti interference electric clamp: enhanced anti-interference ability, automatic measurement of electric coagulation and electric knife output, 1
Mute interface for easy operation
ESU interference: automatic monitoring and mute
Distortion detection function: it can distinguish between distorted signals and EMG signals, and filter most distorted signals to reduce noise
Display / touch screen
Vertical display: 20100500.100020001000050000 and 100000 µ V
Event capture: capture mode switch, touch key indication, can fix the required EMG signal on the screen for analysis until the next signal is captured
Time display: 25ms, 50ms, 100ms and 20s
Display knob: three knobs are used to adjust the stimulation amount and volume
Screen display: three user interface modes: setup, monitoring and reporting
Stimulation electrode:
Stimulation type:    constant current
Stimulation frequency: selectable, 1,4,7,10hz     
Stimulation range: 0-30ma
Stimulation control: digital control, range can be adjusted step by step 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5,5.0ma
Stimulation regulation:    touch screen control with scale, and display of specified current and transmission current
Stimulation measurement:    within the stimulation range ± 0.02mA
Duration:    optional, 50100150200250us
Built in fuse: 32mA, type F, 250V 5x20 mm (must be xomed\8253075)
Stimulation probe:    there are two options: ordinary stimulation probe and spherical head end handle adjustable stimulation probe
Bipolar electrocoagulation: synchronous monitoring during bipolar electrocoagulation
Audio output
Volume preset: power on preset volume default value and bass limit value
Converter: built in 30 x 10 inch speakers
Printer output / data output
USB interface: 2
Output type: you can select two data output formats: image and text
Report type: there are three types of reports and a report wizard
Keyboard: keyboard can be connected (need to purchase separately)
Video output:
Interface: xvga compatible, 1024 x768 resolution
Connection: 15 pin HD
Technical support and after sales
Technical support: the manufacturer provides technical support. There is a fixed training base in China to provide systematic training
After sales: the manufacturer has registered a branch in China to provide complete and rapid after-sales maintenance services
List of hospitals used: the manufacturer shall provide a list of at least 200 hospitals used in China to prove that the product technology is mature
Domestic maintenance center: the manufacturer has a maintenance center in China to ensure rapid after-sales maintenance service

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