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Nicolet EMG evoked potential system
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Nicolet EMG evoked potential system

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Product description

*It will not be interfered by anesthesia machine, aspirator, microscope and other large equipment in the operating room;
*It can automatically shield the interference of bipolar electrocoagulation knife;
*During the operation, the head box is directly hung by the operating table with a professional extension wire;
*During the operation, a professional stimulator was used for multi conductive stimulation output;
*Professional orthopaedic surgery monitoring procedures: scoliosis correction procedure, brachial plexus operation procedure, lumbar disc herniation operation procedure, nerve root release operation procedure, cauda equina operation procedure;
*Professional neurosurgery operation monitoring procedures: skull base operation procedure, cortical tumor operation procedure, vascular decompression procedure, carotid endarterectomy procedure, sellar tumor resection procedure, epilepsy operation procedure, cerebral palsy operation procedure;
*The professional intraoperative EEG frequency and amplitude changes during the operation can be grasped by using the intraoperative EEG reduced spectrum array;
*Professional intraoperative trend chart to grasp the changes of nerve function during the operation;

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Bidding parameters of American nigoli electromyographic evoked potential instrument
Technical parameter requirements:
1、 Technical parameters of computer system:
1.1 industrial computer, corei5 processor, memory ≥ 4G, hard disk ≥ 1000g; Optical drive: ide DVD burning optical drive;
Network card: 10/100/1000mb, optical mouse, keyboard; HP laser printer; Display: ≥ 21 "LCD;
Display resolution: 1440*900; Loudspeaker: integrated; Instrument car
1.2 isolated regulated power supply: 110-120V or 220- 240V ± 10%; 50 or 60Hz
2、 Hardware technical parameters
1. the amplifier has 22 electrode inputs of international 10-20 standards, and the user can freely define the recording items of each input;
1.1 number of channels: 4 channels
1.2 data transmission mode: USB;
1.3 D / a conversion: ≥ 24 bit;
*1.4 sampling rate: ≥ 100khz/ channel (it is required to provide the test report of the State Food and Drug Administration);
1.5 sensitivity: 1v/d-10mv/d (level 13);
1.6 input impedance: ≥ 1000m;
1.7 common mode rejection ratio: ≥ 120dB;
1.8 low frequency filtering: 0.2 ~ 5KHz (6, 12db/ frequency doubling);
1.9 high frequency filtering: 30 ~ 20K (12db/ frequency doubling);
1.10 noise suppression: ≤ 0.5 µ V;
1.11 built in calibration: 2, 20, 200, 2000, 20000 µ V, rectangular pulse;
1.12 display sensitivity: 0.001 µ v/d to 10mv/d (level 22);
1.13 base time range: 0.2ms/d to 5s/d (level 23);
1.14 notch filtering: 50, 60Hz, on or off;
1.15 waveform triggering: automatic or manual control;
1.16 electrode impedance detection alarm function;
1.17 safety isolation: complete optical isolation, class BF European isolation standard
*2 control panel
Full numeric keyboard control panel, control panel and mouse two operation modes, the equipment can be separated from the control panel to complete the inspection
3. stimulator:
It has interfaces for two-way electrical stimulation, reflex hammer stimulation, auditory stimulation and visual stimulation, and can be externally connected with a magnetic stimulator;
3.1 electric stimulator:
3.1.1 function of electric stimulator: the handle type stimulator has the function of remote control, which can be adjusted through the function button on the handle
Excitation quantity, stimulation frequency, stimulation on and off, etc;
3.1.2 isolated electrical stimulator: dual electrical stimulation output channels, which can work independently; Up to 12 independent electrical
Stimulating output;
*3.1.3 stimulation type: built-in constant current and constant voltage modes, without external third-party stimulator (it is required to provide the test report of the State Food and Drug Administration);
3.1.4 stimulation mode: bidirectional pulse stimulation, automatically eliminating stimulation artifact;
*3.1.5 stimulation intensity: 0-100ma and 0-400V;
3.1.6 stimulation sensitivity: 0.01ma, 1V;
3.1.7 stimulation interval: 0.02-1ms;
3.1.8 stimulation mode: single, repeated, serial stimulation, cyclic or non cyclic;
3.1.9 stimulation frequency: 0.06-200hz;
3.1.10 stimulation control: panel or handle remote control;
3.1.11 stimulation intensity monitoring and alarm: observe the actual stimulation amount in real time, prompt whether the stimulation electrode has short circuit or open circuit, and prompt the stimulation status through different colors
3.2 auditory stimulator:
3.2.1 types of auditory stimulation: karaoke, pure tone, plosive;
*3.2.2 stimulation intensity: up to 139db SPL (it is required to provide the test report of the State Food and Drug Administration);
3.2.3 stimulus polarity: sparse tone, dense tone and alternating tone;
3.2.4 stimulation frequency: 250500750, 1K, 1.5k, 2K, 3k, 4K, 6K, 8K (Hz);
3.2.5 envelope type of pure tone / explosive sound: linear, Gaussian, Hanning, Blackman;
3.2.6 noise masking: -15-125db pspl or -1-103db NHL;
3.3 visual stimulator:
3.3.1 mode: black and white square, horizontal bar, vertical bar, bitmap image, double stimulation, flipping, flashing;
3.3.2 stimulus field: full field, half field, 1/4 field, 1/8 field, etc;
3.3.3 fixation point: 8 colors available
3、 Software and functional requirements
1. EMG software function:
1.1 itemized software for medical record detection:
For example, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, radiculopathy, muscular disease, myasthenia gravis, etc. can be customized, and personalized examination menu can be operated according to different doctors' equipment
1.2 online screen copying and video recording software: realize the playback of EMG data in any computer system, which is convenient for academic exchange and teaching;
1.3 the original Chinese software can automatically change the language with the operating system
2. neural conduction software package:
2.1 including motor nerve conduction; Sensory nerve conduction; F wave; H reflex; Repetitive electrical stimulation; Blink reflex; Inching, lateral diffusion and other routine inspection items;
2.2 real time recording channel monitoring software: verify the signal quality, display the patient's tension, real-time display interference, and facilitate the operation and timely adjustment;
2.3 waveform review function: record the waveform of each stimulus and re select the best waveform for analysis;
2.4 the results of nerve conduction examination are automatically compared to visually display the numerical difference between the healthy side and the affected side;
2.5 an intuitive and comprehensive neuroanatomical map can guide the rapid access to the designated examination and play the role of "operation navigation";
3. EMG software package:
3.1 including spontaneous EMG, motor unit analysis, vigorous contraction, quantitative EMG analysis, and EMG acquisition of 360 second signals;
3.2 EMG needle feeding quality monitoring function: used to monitor the needle feeding position, and the intensity scale shows the muscle contraction level;
*3.3 the trembling value of single fiber items can be collected in the routine EMG software (picture proof is required);
3.4 muscle anatomical map, prompting the operator to find the inspection position;
3.5 manual MUP and automatic MUP are combined to be flexible and fast, and the selected MUP is calculated automatically (including time history, amplitude, phase, turning point, area and rise time);
*3.6 automatic multi motor unit potential (MMUP) acquisition, up to 12mup (picture proof required)
4. evoked potential software package:
4.1 auditory evoked potential: brainstem auditory evoked potential, objective hearing threshold measurement, medium latency response, long latency response, cochlear electrogram, 40 Hz, etc;
4.2 somatosensory evoked potential: upper limb somatosensory evoked potential, lower limb somatosensory evoked potential, spinal cord somatosensory evoked potential,
4.3 visual evoked potential: checkerboard reversal evoked;
4.4 motor evoked potentials;
4.5 it is possible to observe the repeatability and conduction path of evoked potential waveform by means of channel superposition, left-right contrast superposition, unilateral multiple superposition, etc;
5. autonomic nerve examination:
Analysis of spontaneous skin sympathetic reflex (SSR), electrically stimulated skin sympathetic reflex (GSR) and RR interval heart rate variability; RR heart rate variability has professional respiratory guidance chart
4、 Consumables and accessories:
1. consumables:
Conductive paste (2 boxes), frosting paste (2 pieces), silver disk electrode (12 pieces), ring electrode (1 pair), disposable patch electrode without wire (3 packages), crocodile clip electrode (4 pieces), disposable myoelectric concentric needle (25 pieces), needle cable (1 piece), clip type ground wire (2 pieces), fixing tape (3 pieces), measuring ruler (1 roll), drawing pen (1 piece)
2. accessories:
Handle electric stimulator (1 set), saddle bipolar stimulation probe (1 set), standard special earphone (1 set), visual stimulator (1 set), visual monitor (1 set)
Configuration sheet of American nigoli electromyographic evoked potential instrument
1、 Computer system
computer system
■ Advanced Core 2 Due Processor     
Industrial host, corei5 processor
■ ≥4G RAM
≥ 4G memory
■ Min 1T HD
≥ 1t hard disk
■ Sound Card
sound card
■ Video Card
Graphics card
■ DVD-RW Drive, mouse
DVD recorder, mouse
■ keyboard
Keyboard: with shortcut keys to simplify operation
■ Ethernet network Adapter(10/100/1000MB/s)
10/100/1000mb/s network card
■ 21”LED monitor
21 inch LCD
■ Laser Printer
Laser printer, 1 set
2、 Amplifier system
Amplifier system
■ 4 Channel Amplifier: Strong noise rejection capability.
4-channel amplifier: with strong anti-interference ability, it does not need shielding during general examination and intraoperative monitoring, and contains 10-20 electrode combinations.
■ Control Panel
Control panel:
■ EMG Loud Speaker: Internal or External.
Special speaker for electromyogram test
■ Instrument cart
Instrument car
■ Isolated power supply
Isolated regulated power supply
3、 Software & test option system
Software system and test items
■ Windows 7 Operating System
Windows 7 operating system
■ Microsoft Office Professional
Microsoft professional office software
■ User Manual
Instruction manual
■ Chinese version Software
The original Chinese system software can be changed according to the operating system language
■ Online Report software: Based on MS Office;  Easily edit report.
Online report generation system: Based on Microsoft office software; An inspection report is automatically generated along with the inspection, and the report is automatically completed when the inspection is completed. You can easily cut, copy and paste the contents of the report until you get the simplest and most complete report. If the doctor has any questions about the report, double-click the report content to switch to the original data.
■ Anatomise Booting System
HD anatomical guidance software diagram
■ Clinic Operation Software
Clinical operation guidance software, doctors can customize examination items according to disease types, or classify examinations according to operators
■ Patent Date
Case management database
■ NCV Test Software, including:
Neural conduction test software, including:
Motor NCV (MNC)
Motor nerve conduction velocity
Sensory NCV (SNC)
Sensory nerve conduction velocity
MNC & SNC integrated software
MNC&F Wave
MNC & F wave integration software
F Wave
F wave
H Reflex
H reflex
Blink Reflex
Blink reflex
Repetitive Stimulation
Repetitive stimulation (high frequency and low frequency)
Inching test
Inching test
Lateral Diffusion
Lateral diffusion
Carpal tunnel syndrome index
■ EMG Test Software, including:
EMG test software, including:
Spontaneous EMG
Spontaneous electromyography
Electromyography of vigorous contraction
Motor Unit Analysis
Motion unit analysis
Multi motor unit potential, up to 12 MUP automatic acquisition
Interference Pattern Analysis
Interference phase analysis, automatic analysis of myogenic and neurogenic lesions
Multi Channel EMG
Multichannel EMG acquisition
Auditory evoked potential test software, including:
brainstem auditory evoked potential 
Objective threshold determination
Middle latency response
Late Latency Responses 
Cochlear electrogram
Visual evoked potential test software
Pattern VEP
Pattern reversal visual evoked potential
Somatosensory evoked potential test software
Upper SEP
Somatosensory evoked potentials of upper limbs
Lower SEP
Somatosensory evoked potentials of lower limbs
Spinal somatosensory evoked potential
4 Channels SEP
4-channel custom somatosensory evoked potential
Motor evoked potential test software
Autonomic skin sympathetic response and electrical stimulation skin sympathetic response
■ R-R interval
Analysis of R-R interval heart rate variability
4、 Standard accessories
Standard accessories
■ NCS/EMG/EMG Electrode Starter Kit
EMG evoked potential special accessories
Ten20 Paste
Conductive paste (2 boxes)
NuPrep Gel
Frosting cream (2 pieces)
Reusable Ring Electrodes
Ring electrode (1 pair)
Silver Cup Electrodes
Silver disk electrode (12)
Disposable Disk Electrodes
Disposable patch electrode without conductor (3 packages)
Clamp Electrodes
Crocodile clip electrode (4)
Concentric Needle Sample Kit
Disposable concentric needle package (25 needles and 1 shielded conductor)
Transpore Tape
Adhesive tape (2 rolls)
Velcro Straps
Fixing belt (3 pieces)
Ground Strap
Clamp type ground wire (2 pieces)
Measuring Tape
Measuring ruler (1 roll)
■ TDH-39 Headphones
Standard acoustic earphones, 1
■ 2015 visual stimulator
Visual stimulator, 1
■ 17" display monitor
Visual monitor, 1
Reusable Bar Electrode
Saddle bipolar

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