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Nuocheng recurrent laryngeal nerve monitor
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Nuocheng recurrent laryngeal nerve monitor

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Product description

Main functions:
(1) Evoked electromyography
The nerve was stimulated with a small amount of electricity, and the electrical activity was recorded by inserting the muscle electrode innervated by the nerve to form an electromyogram, indicating that the nerve was stimulated. Therefore, it is used to identify the nerve and protect the integrity of the nerve.
(2) What you hear is what you explore
There are a variety of prompt sounds, including event prompt sound, stimulation prompt sound and primitive EMG sound. The operating hospital can distinguish between nerves and other tissues by the prompt sound, and can judge the relative position of detection points and nerves by the intensity of the prompt sound.
(3) Interference shielding
The loudspeaker is activated only when stimulated to avoid the noise caused by electrocoagulation and other interference signals (the sensitivity can be adjusted).
(4) Template function
Free to add custom monitoring program
The preset monitoring program library based on years of clinical experience contains a variety of operation related parameters;
By freely creating and saving custom programs, all important stimulation and recording parameters can be set separately for each operation.
(5) Convenient data management
The patient file is established before operation, and all important information (muscle response) will be continuously saved to the patient file and exported in the form of standard report.
(6) Marking function of neural monitoring results
During the operation, all important information (muscle response) will be continuously saved, and relevant waveform files can be marked according to the monitoring steps of the clinical guide for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during and after the operation
(7) Rich interfaces and accessories
Side integrated USB port for exporting patient data.

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Electrophysiological parameter monitor / intraoperative nerve stimulation monitor parameters
Equipment name: electrophysiological parameter monitor / intraoperative nerve stimulation monitor
Functional requirements: applicable to intraoperative monitoring of nerve and facial nerve in thyroid surgery.
★ touch screen operation: ≥ 15 inch color LCD, intuitive and clear, easy to operate.
Parameter setting: the user can select the operation template for operation or adjust parameters independently.
Knob to adjust the current intensity: the operation is convenient and simple, and the stimulation current intensity can be quickly adjusted through the knob.
★ multi language interface: support Chinese and English language interfaces.
Electrode selection: support a variety of stimulation probes and electrodes.
Audio output: it has a variety of prompt tones, including event prompt tone, stimulation prompt tone and original EMG sound.
Threshold setting: it has adjustable event judgment threshold to apply to different patients and surgeries.
Maximum amplitude holding function: it is convenient to record and judge the monitoring results.
Event capture function: when the waveform is higher than the threshold, the required EMG signal can be fixed on the screen for analysis until the signal is captured; When the amplitude is lower than the threshold, the EMG signal is not fixed, so it is convenient to analyze and save the intraoperative event information.
★ scanning delay function: it has the set scanning delay function to eliminate the influence of stimulus artifact on event waveform judgment and calculation.
An external USB port is used to export patient data or print standard reports or automatically save them to a USB stick.
Waveform recording and playback function: it can record the typical waveform during the operation and the change trend of EMG during the whole operation. The operation records can be directly played back on the monitor.
★ quick annotation function: according to the operation process, the V1, R1, R2, V2 name annotation defined in the clinical guide for neuroelectrophysiological monitoring during thyroid and parathyroid surgery can be quickly added to the waveform, and the amplitude and latency can be recorded at the same time.
★ modular design, upgrade and convenient maintenance.
User defined mark comments: in the playback interface, user-defined mark comments can be added to the record file
Measuring range: 20 μ V -60000 μ V;
Bandwidth: 0.4 hz-6khz;
Common mode rejection ratio: ≥ 108db;
Input impedance: ≥ 2m Ω;
Noise level: ≤ 0.7 μ VRMS;
Stimulation mode: constant current;
Load range: 0-10k Ω;
Stimulation intensity: 0 Ma -25ma, adjustable;
Stimulation frequency: 1 Hz -25hz, adjustable;
Stimulation pulse width: 50 μ s、100 μ s、150 μ s、200 μ s. Adjustable;
DC component: 0V.

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