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haishen Intraoperative neurophysiology
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haishen Intraoperative neurophysiology

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 Medtronic intraoperative nerve monitoring
Medtronic intraoperative nerve monitoring
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 CADWELL Intraoperative neurophysiology
CADWELL Intraoperative neurophysiology
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The latest generation of NDI series products have powerful functions and can meet the needs of various outpatient departments and scientific research. The strong anti-interference ability makes the human signal clearly visible. New 6-channel low-noise amplifier, recording electrode can be customized to set the dual keyboard regulation of special keyboard and ordinary keyboard, making the operation more convenient. The software has powerful functions, including scientific research applications with a variety of new functions. Strong expansion ability, hardware can be upgraded to more channels, which is convenient for the expansion of new applications. The company's original and complete neuroelectrophysiological series consumables are used together, with good compatibility and labor-saving. The trolley and appearance design of the new technology are beautiful and practical. Full Chinese interface, flexible editing ability and automatic analysis algorithm make it easier to use

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Technical parameters of ndi-096 32 channel intraoperative neuromonitoring system
1、 Functional requirements:
By monitoring evoked potential, electromyography, TOF and other items, the objective evaluation indicators of central nerve, peripheral nerve, muscle and anesthetic drugs are provided for surgeons, real-time feedback of nerve activities during the operation is provided, and the surgeons (such as neurosurgery, orthopaedics, facial features, vascular surgery, thyroid surgery, thoracic surgery and other departments) are guided to check whether the nerve is touched or whether there is damage to the nerve and the damaged parts during the operation progress.
2、 Technical parameters:
1. Amplifier: 32 channels, 64 electrode input jacks in total, any two of which can be defined as bipolar recording channels. It is required that the connecting cable of the micro electrode connection box can be removed freely, which is convenient for future maintenance and replacement;
2. Extension head box: ≥ 5m; The amplifier shall be equipped with more than 2 extension head boxes to facilitate clinical operation;
3. Isolation power supply: it is equipped with a special medical isolation power supply to prevent high-voltage isolation, protect the safety of patients during operation and protect the safety of equipment;
4. Voltage sensitivity: 0.05v/div to 30mv/div step-by-step control;
5. Frequency range: 2Hz ~ 1.5khz, voltage measurement error +5% ~ -15%;
6. Scanning duration: 1 ms/div to 200ms/div step control;
7. Common mode signal suppression capability: ≥ 80dB (patient cable input, 50Hz);
8. Differential input impedance: ≥ 200m Ω (patient cable input end, 10Hz);
9. Common mode input impedance: ≥ 500m Ω (patient cable input end, 10Hz);
10. Noise voltage: ≤ 0.4V (RMS, 1H ~ 2KHz);
11. A/d conversion: ≥ 24 bits
12. Sampling frequency: ≥ 50 khz/ channel
13. Stacking number: 1-10000
14. Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60hz
15. Scanning speed: 1-1000ms/d, ≥ 20 levels adjustable
16. Impedance measurement: all input electrodes and ground electrodes can be detected;
17. Montage: any lead can be set at all input terminals;
3、 Electric stimulator
1. Two types of constant current and constant voltage can not be realized by external third-party stimulator
2. Type output side: single, alternate, string, sequence
3. Security: power limit, power on test
4. Stimulus polarity: positive phase, negative phase, biphasic
5. Stimulation pulse width: 10us-1ms
6. System current stimulation intensity and error requirements: the maximum pulse intensity is 100mA, and the error is required to be controlled within ± 5%
7. Pulse output frequency: 0.1Hz ~ 120Hz.
4、 Acoustic stimulator
1. Standard acoustic earphones;
2. Stimulus output: left, right, or binaural;
3. Crackle, pure tone, plosive, pips, half sine, sine (can be set by yourself);
4. Polarity: loose, dense and alternate stimulation;
5. Acoustic stimulator: maximum click sound intensity: 125-140db (SPL peak), pure tone, explosive sound, etc;
6. Masking sound: the maximum white noise sound intensity is 105-115db (SPL peak);
5、 Photostimulator
1. Graphic mode: checkerboard image display with black-and-white flip change, including horizontal bar, vertical bar and checkerboard;
2. Led flashers for left, right and binocular stimulation respectively;
3. Stimulus field: full field, half field (left half, right half, upper half, lower half), 1/4 field (upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right);
6、 Software functions:
Computer operating system software: Windows system, professional office software;
Neural monitoring software items: spontaneous electromyography and electromyography triggered by electrical stimulation, somatosensory evoked potential, transcranial motor evoked potential and auditory evoked potential; Visual evoked potential, etc.
Multiple items can be monitored synchronously, such as evoked potentials and electromyography, to comprehensively monitor the functional nerves at risk during the operation.
Multiple inspections are conducted simultaneously on the same screen and can be switched freely; Freely set the inspection sequence function, which can carry out different monitoring sequence inspection at a certain interval.
TOF test function: it can directly reflect the metabolism of muscle relaxant, directly obtain the value of attenuation degree of each waveform, and automatically store the waveform and data of each test.
EMG function: spontaneous EMG, trigger EMG and EMG monitoring induced by electrical stimulation, automatically capture EMG action unit potential; Different alarm sounds can be set according to the action potentials of different muscles to prompt attention to relevant nerve parts.
Evoked potential function: multiple display modes to facilitate comparison of waveform changes before and after monitoring, and set basic waveform comparison.
Anti interference function of surgical instruments: it can effectively detect the electronic instruments used in surgery, effectively avoid interference, and remove the interference signal of electric knife or other equipment.
Noise analysis shielding software: the software has the function of interference source frequency analysis, which can analyze the fixed frequency interference in the operating room and remove the interference frequency.
It has multiple data window displays: real-time waveform, trend chart, data table, video image, event window, etc., which can be displayed on the same screen, or can be browsed window by window.
Intraoperative monitoring mode: it has various monitoring modes, which can be edited according to different operation modes, and the number of monitoring modes can be unlimited.
Real time monitoring software: display the patient's muscle relaxation; Verify the signal quality and display the interference in real time, which is conducive to timely adjustment of operation.
Report: template function, which can be edited and saved by users, supports Chinese reports, is compatible with word document processing software, and each display window can be copied and pasted to other application software.
Screen printing function: the monitoring waveform can be copied to the screen and automatically imported into the report or saved as a picture format.
Any computer can conduct remote data monitoring through LAN or VPN to realize the real-time network function.
The equipment has an automatic storage function. After an unexpected power failure, it can be connected to a continuous monitoring without restarting.
7、 Monitoring system configuration:
The system is composed of intraoperative nerve function monitoring system host, professional high-speed computer, display, mouse, keyboard, channel amplifier, micro electrode connection box, stimulation box, electric stimulator, intraoperative monitoring eye mask, intraoperative special earphone, intraoperative monitoring software, isolation safety power source device, power line, special mobile trolley, printer, etc.

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