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 Symtop Ambulatory EEG
Symtop Ambulatory EEG
Market price: Available for inquiry
Symtop Ambulatory EEG
Product description

68 channel amplifier, up to 272 channels and 64 EEG channels; 4 DC channels; Maximum bandwidth: dc-2000hz; The sampling rate can be customized; Built in blood oxygen interface; The wi-f amplifier with two transmission modes of Wi Fi and LAN has a built-in battery to eliminate AC interference and provide power for 8 hours; The built-in 16g memory card automatically saves the accidental power failure data to the memory card without losing any data during the recording process; The portable bag wi-f mode allows the patient to move freely with the amplifier; 128 lead matrix switching is supported, which is used to record the switching of buried electrodes, and the stimulation sensitivity and high-low pass filter parameters can be customized; Embedding electrode guide interface to quickly compile electrode input points; Full Chinese operation interface; Open database interface, quick connection to hospital information management system (HS), open hardware, users can collect data by programming, which can be used for BC brain computer interface

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64 channel be plus LTM electroencephalograph
Brand: Italian EB neuro model: be plus LTM (WiFi)
1、 Hardware technical parameters
64 electrophysiological channels;
4 dedicated DC channels;
Bandwidth: dc-2000hz;
The sampling rate can be customized to 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384hz;
Noise: <0.3 μ V RMS;
*Common mode rejection ratio: 160db;
Input impedance: 180m Ω;
A/d conversion: 16 bits;
*It has two trigger input / output ports;
*16GB internal memory card, which can be upgraded to 64GB;
*The amplifier supports series connection and can be upgraded to 272 channels at most
*The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can ensure continuous EEG acquisition for 8 hours in case of power failure;
*Transmission mode: WiFi transmission;
Dedicated pulse oxygen saturation interface, equipped with pulse oxygen saturation meter to obtain blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate (PR) and pulse volume (pleth) signals;
*The patient can move freely in the room with the amplifier, and the signal is transmitted to the computer in real time through WiFi. If the patient leaves the ward, it is not within the range of WiFi reception. The data is automatically saved to the built-in memory card, and automatically packaged and uploaded to the computer after returning to the WiFi receiving range;
DSM matrix switch can be selected for electrical stimulation of buried electrode and cortex;
*The hardware is open, which can be used for users' own development, scientific research, brain computer interface and other research;
Video system
Support high-definition color infrared integrated webcam, high-definition micro live video camera, usb/pci multiple video input modes
The software has a built-in camera pan tilt control program, and no third-party pan tilt control hardware is required
Image can be partially enlarged
Built in event marker button;
Flash stimulator uses 96 matrix super brightness LED;
Amplifier specification: size 143 x 147 x 38mm; Weight 360g (without battery);
Environment: temperature +5 ° c~ +40 ° C, relative humidity 30%~75% RH, atmospheric pressure 700hpa~1060hpa, storage humidity max. 95% RH.
2、 Features of acquisition and analysis software:
Provide case data classification management database software;
*Acquisition sensitivity and high-low pass filter parameters can be customized;
Heart rate variability analysis;
*Laplace source localization lead mode;
The data playback workstation can remotely monitor the data being collected and mark;
Accurate measurement of amplitude and time limit, and can amplify any part of the waveform;
Data can be regularly uploaded to the data server in the EEG network;
Built in open database to quickly set up the connection with the hospital his system;
Power off data protection function, the data previously done will not be lost;
Original Chinese EEG operation interface;
The corresponding leads of the left and right cerebral hemispheres were displayed on separate screens and compared;
Chinese event marking function, quick search and jump positioning;
When reviewing, the lead can be changed at any time to change the color of different lead waveforms;
Screen copy function, which converts the EEG displayed on the screen to other documents;
Multiple folder categories can be set at the same time, such as folders of different doctors and folders of different diseases. Patient information can belong to multiple different folder categories at the same time;
After inputting the new patient data, it is not necessary to exit the patient management system and directly enter the EEG acquisition and review software;
The data management system has its own recording DVD tool, and the recorded EEG information of patients can automatically retain the item brain identification to store the disc and disc number;
The professional EEG function enables the EEG data stored in the CD to be reviewed, analyzed and measured on an ordinary computer without any EEG review software;
Directly click the report entry in the review interface to enter the Chinese report of the patient, and the patient name and patient ID number can be automatically filled in the report;
Chinese report generation system, with hypertext and word report formats;
The waveform can be arbitrarily edited and pasted on the Chinese report, which can be printed on the same page as the Chinese report;
The Chinese report can be automatically stored in the folder of the patient in the patient data management system, and stored in the same folder with other EEG raw data of the patient at the same time, so as to ensure that the attribution of the original data and the report will not be wrong;
Data can be exported in EDF / EDF +, ASCII and native format;
User access control is provided with password protection and user authority management to ensure data security;
When editing EEG, video editing can be selectively carried out according to the actual situation, that is, in the same EEG edited, only the region of interest can be selected with video, while other parts can be selected without video;
The format of video EEG data is DVD, and the storage medium is DVD;
3、 Configuration list:
Serial number
Computer and printer
Computer&amp; Printer
*Standard desktop computer kit for EB EEG machine (i5 processor, memory ≥ 8g, hard disk ≥ 1t, 2G independent display, 23.8'LCD)
Desktop PC: , i5, RAM≧8G, harddisc≧1T, 23.8' LCD
1 set
*Epson color inkjet printer
1 set
BE Plus LTM (WIFI hardware)
1 set
LED flash stimulator with fixed arm and table clamp
LED Flash stimulator
1 set
Extension control line
Remote control cable
EEG (electromyography) lead wire (2.5m)
Gold Cup Electrodes
64 PCs
Mobile bracket, supporting 1 LTM
Remote Floorstand for BE PLUS LTM
Conductive paste, 114gr
Ten 20 ™  Conductive and Adhesive paste, 114gr
1 bottle
Gel, 114gr
NuPrep Abrasive Skin Prepping Paste, 114gr
1 bottle
Galileo NT software, including patient management, eeg Net acquisition playback, data export
Galileo Software License,Patient Management System, EEG. NET Acquisition &amp; Replay, data export
1 set
Video module (webcam kit, including video capture software)
Video module with VEEG license and Lan camera
1 set

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