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EBNEURO electromyography EMG
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EBNEURO electromyography EMG

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Product description

Product features
1. * there are 22 channels in total, and the EMG evoked potential with the largest number of channels on the market
2. * integrated design of amplifier and stimulator
3. * highly integrated and portable. It is convenient to use in the ward or out.
4. *5 channel electrical stimulation output, which can meet different diagnostic and experimental needs
5. * color checkerboard flip grid, checkerboard grid, horizontal line and vertical line to improve the visual stimulation effect
6. * wireless Bluetooth operation panel, convenient for doctors to leave the machine for operation
7. * the operation panel has LCD screen to display the inspection items and stimulation parameters
8. * 1g data can be cached when the needle electromyogram cache data is unlimited
9. * waveform history function, keep each stimulus data for manual selection of high-quality waveform
10. * meet all routine examination items, and can also be extended to EEG and brain function monitoring or brain death identification

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Hardware technical parameters
1. Amplifier
*Number of channels: 22 channel EMG / evoked potential amplifier (20 unipolar channels, 2 DIN channels; expandable up to 6 DIN channels)
Connection mode between host and computer: network transmission
*Input resistance: > 1000m Ω (double pole 1 and 2), 180m Ω (single pole)
Noise: < 0.3uvrms
*Common mode rejection ratio: 120dB
Input range: 250mvpp (bipolar 1 and 2), 16mvpp (unipolar)
*Bandwidth: 0.1-20khz (bipolar 1 and 2), 0.1-2khz (unipolar)
*Sampling frequency: 32768khz (bipolar 1 and 2), 16384hz (unipolar)
Sensitivity: 0.5-1-2-3-5-10-20-30-50-100-200-300-500 μ V/div; 1-2-3-5-10-20 mV/Div.
Low pass filtering: 20-50-70-100-200-500-700 Hz; 1-2-3-5-7-10-20 kHz 
High pass filtering: off-0.1-0.2-0.5-0.7-1-2-5-7-10-20-50-70-100-200-500-700 Hz, 1-2-3 kHz optional
Public record reference input: Yes
*A/d converter: 24 bit (bipolar 1 and 2), 16bit (unipolar)
Scanning speed: 100-200-300-500 μ s/div; 1-2-3-5-10-20-30-50ms/Div; 0.1-0.2-0.3-0.5-1-2 s/Div
*2-channel TTL trigger port, which can be connected to TMS and other equipment
*Integrated design of amplifier and stimulator
2. Electric stimulator
*5-channel electric stimulator, which can meet different diagnostic and experimental needs
Pulse width: 50-1000 us (resolution: 50 US);
Stimulation intensity: 0-100ma, resolution 0.1 Ma
Frequency: 0.1-100 Hz, up to 500Hz
Output polarity: positive, negative, two-phase, alternating
Output mode: single, alternate, burst, string, collision
3. Sound stimulator
Tdh-39 headphones
Stimulation intensity: 0-132db
Stimulus type: tick, burst, pure tone
Presentation: left ear, right ear or binaural
Ticking sound: 100US square wave ticking sound, sparse wave, dense wave, alternating wave
4. Visual stimulator
Mode flip (customizable):
Field of vision: full field, left half, right half, upper half, lower half, upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right field
Pattern: checkerboard, horizontal line, vertical line
7. Network connection
The host provides a standard (general) network interface, which can form a local area network system or connect with the hospital network system to form a network.
Software configuration and functions:
1. Auditory evoked potential: brainstem auditory response, medium and long latency of brainstem auditory response, cochlear electrogram, 40Hz response, hearing threshold test function
2. Somatosensory evoked potentials: upper and lower limb somatosensory evoked potentials, spinal cord, trigeminal evoked potentials, skin node somatosensory evoked potentials
3. Visual evoked potential: flip mode (checkerboard) evoked potential, eye mask evoked potential, external stimulator visual evoked potential
4. Nerve conduction research: motor nerve conduction velocity, sensory nerve conduction velocity, self-made nerve function test, F wave, H reflex, blink reflex, repeated nerve stimulation, attenuation experiment, micro shift potential, skin sympathetic response SSR, RR interval,
Cognitive research: P300
Electromyography: quantitative electromyography, resting potential, multiple motor unit potentials, interference phase analysis, motor unit count
Multi motor unit potential analysis
Decompose the signal from the EMG phase delay, match the template, extract, identify and classify the action points of the motion units, extract 20 typical motion units from them, analyze the obtained motion units in real time or offline, and edit their features and outline display.
Other software functions
Built in patient database and normal reference value
Convenient and accurate neuromuscular three-dimensional guidance map, convenient for EMG application
NCV, RNs, blink reflex, collision, SSR, R-R interval, comparison of left and right sides of F, h, EP and MEP projects
The system database is compatible with his/hl7 hospital electronic information system
Optional function
Led eyepiece (left / right /both) (optional)
Flash stimulator (optional)
Single fiber EMG analysis, CNV, contralateral stimulation (optional)
Skin temperature measurement function, automatically correct the measurement data to ensure the accuracy of the data (optional)

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