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Sa-5600 automatic blood rheology analyzer
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Sa-5600 automatic blood rheology analyzer

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 Tianhai automatic leucorrhea analyzer
Tianhai automatic leucorrhea analyzer
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Product description

Fast, point by point, full range, steady-state cone plate method measurement method, which conforms to the international standard titanium alloy movement, is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, and ensures that the measurement error is <1%. The extrusion peristaltic pump has accurate liquid inlet, smooth liquid discharge, embedded ARM processor, real-time multi task high-speed test, and can reach 50 people per hour

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Technical parameters of sa-5600 automatic hemorheological tester
Application: it is suitable for hospitals and medical research institutions at all levels to measure whole blood viscosity and plasma viscosity, convert hemorheological parameters, and the whole measurement process is automatically carried out under the control of computer;
Instrument function: it has the functions of automatic position finding, mixing, sample adding, calibration, quality control, testing, cleaning, alarm and printing;
Test principle: rotation method;
Measurement method: adopt fast, full range, point by point, steady-state cone plate method;
Signal acquisition method: using high-precision grating subdivision technology;
Control method: control stress;
Test mode: full automatic and manual dual test;
Working mode: the whole blood test can work in parallel with the mixing and sample probe cleaning at the same time. The test speed is fast and meets the quality requirements of the International Committee for hematology Standardization (ICSH) to ensure the accuracy of the results;
Test speed: test time ≤ 30s / specimen;
Shear rate range: (1 ~ 200) S-1;
Viscosity test range: (0 ~ 60) MPa · s;
Shear stress range: (0 ~ 12000) MPa;
Measurement accuracy: accuracy error of Newtonian fluid viscosity ≤± 1%, accuracy error of non Newtonian fluid viscosity ≤± 2%;
Coefficient of variation: coefficient of variation CV of Newtonian fluid viscosity ≤ 1%; Coefficient of variation of viscosity of non-Newtonian fluid CV ≤ 2%;
Instrument control system: adopt internationally advanced embedded ARM processor, highly integrated and modular, real-time multi task communication and fast speed;
Temperature control system: adopt independent (37 ± 0.1) ℃ microcomputer intelligent temperature control system;
Motion mechanism: double rotation mechanism is adopted, with accurate and reliable positioning;
Movement material: titanium alloy movement material is adopted, which is corrosion-resistant, light in weight, and does not wear gem bearings, so as to ensure the accuracy of results and eliminate systematic errors;
Sample tray: 3 × The 10 hole, fully open and interchangeable sample rack can be increased infinitely. It is suitable for any vacuum blood collection vessel and ordinary test tube, simplifying the user's operation and facilitating the user's use;
Liquid inlet and discharge system: the two-way extrusion peristaltic pump is adopted, with accurate liquid inlet volume to ensure smooth liquid discharge system;
Sample dosage: the range of 200~800ul is adjustable to meet the needs of different users;
Mixing method: the optimized multi-point variable dynamic suction and spitting mixing method is adopted to mix more fully and thoroughly and completely avoid damaging red blood cells;
Sampling mode: the sampling probe has a liquid level sensing function, which can automatically separate plasma. The original test tube does not need to be replaced for plasma sampling;
Cleaning method: the movement adopts eddy current suction cleaning method, and the sampling probe adopts the comprehensive cleaning method of inner and outer walls, with the pollution rate <1%;
Test function: the automatic control tester can continuously change the shear rate within the range of 1s-1 ~ 200s-1, display the test results of whole blood viscosity and plasma viscosity, output the shear rate whole blood viscosity relationship curve in a graphical manner, and display or print the corresponding viscosity value in numerical form by selecting the shear rate on the relationship curve;
Calibration function: Newtonian fluid is calibrated with the national first-class standard viscosity liquid provided by the national standard material center, and non-Newtonian fluid is calibrated with the national non-Newtonian fluid viscosity standard material; The non-Newtonian fluid viscosity reference material has obtained the national level II reference material certificate issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, with traceability;
Quality control function: provide L-J quality control chart, which can save, query and print quality control data and quality control graphics. Non Newtonian fluid quality control materials have obtained SFDA registration certificate and can be traced to national non Newtonian fluid viscosity reference materials; It can provide national first-class standard viscosity solution for Newtonian fluid quality control.
Emergency function: any hole position can be defined as emergency position, and emergency priority can be realized by adjusting the test sequence;
Alarm function: with abnormal alarm of test results; Blood clot coagulation alarm; Washer fluid shortage alarm; Waste liquid overflow alarm function;
Interface mode: rs-232/485 or USB interface is optional to realize the instrument control function;
Report form mode: open custom report form mode, which provides 8 different report formats at the same time to meet the needs of different users;
Data transmission: it can support his/lis system.

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