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CENTURY CLOT Blood coagulation analysis
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CENTURY CLOT Blood coagulation analysis

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Product description

Product introduction
The coagulation and platelet function analyzer (model: ykca Series) developed and produced by century Yikang (Tianjin) Medical Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a POCT machine (point of care testing, instant detection) that balances bleeding and thrombosis and guides the treatment of anticoagulation and antiplatelet drugs. By measuring the viscoelasticity of blood, only 0.36 ml of whole blood can be used to quickly detect the coagulation and platelet function in vitro, which can display the whole dynamic process of coagulation. The test results are displayed on the display screen in the form of graphics and parameters (the reagent used by the analyzer is CPA reagent, and the activator is mainly composed of silicon dioxide). The test results can provide information about coagulation factor activation, fibrin formation, platelet function and fibrinolysis, and can monitor various anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs in real time. According to the displayed value of the machine, it can quickly, accurately and comprehensively reflect the comprehensive state of the whole process of the coagulation system. The corresponding reference values can help doctors make correct judgments and guide medication. The coagulation and platelet function analyzer is the world's leading digital detection instrument that reflects the anticoagulation effect of low molecular weight heparin and the medication effect of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the first coagulation and platelet function analyzer with independent intellectual property rights in China.

clinical application
1. It can play the following roles in clinic:
(1) Accurately judge the function of coagulation factor, fibrinogen and platelet;
(2) To guide the transfusion of blood products after surgical operation;
(3) Cause analysis and treatment guidance of abnormal bleeding;
(4) Guiding blood component transfusion;
(5) Guide targeted anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy;
(6) DIC and early auxiliary diagnosis (clinical process and guiding treatment).
2. Mainly used for:
(1) Surgical management: bleeding management, rapid monitoring of DIC.
(2) Internal medicine management: drug monitoring and management—— Heparin, low molecular weight heparin, warfarin, oral
Factor Xa inhibitor (rivaroxaban), aspirin, Plavix, iibiiia
Receptor antagonists, traditional Chinese medicine.
3. Key clinical departments:
ICU, anesthesia, intracardiac, extracardiac, extravascular, liver transplantation, emergency, blood transfusion, maternity, orthopaedics, Shenwai
Emergency, laboratory, tumor, intrarenal, TCM
3、 Hospital wide department coverage
1. severe and emergency bleeding: ICU, CCU, emergency department, anesthesia department and organ transplantation department have rigid requirements - bleeding management and rapid detection of DIC. This equipment can effectively improve clinical response and save patients' lives!
2. internal medicine: (heart, mind...) The advantage of this equipment is drug control, which can provide reference basis for the efficacy of various anticoagulant and antiplatelet drugs through data, so as to get rid of empirical medication. Because there are individual differences among patients, different drugs and different measurements are reflected differently. The use of this equipment can provide basis for clinical medication.
3. surgery and orthopaedics: the binomial machine can be popularized in surgery. The application of cardiopulmonary bypass, hemodialysis and perioperative period can balance the risk of bleeding and thrombosis. Low equipment cost!
4. blood transfusion department: reduce the risk of bleeding and thrombosis, and reduce the amount of blood products.
5. traditional Chinese medicine hospital: evaluation and control of traditional Chinese medicine anticoagulation.
4、 Product advantages and value:
1. In recent years, due to the development of high and new technology, the progress of medical science and the efficient and fast-paced working mode, POCT, which has the advantages of miniaturized experimental instruments, simplified operation and instant reporting results, has become more and more popular among clinicians. Compared with traditional methods, coagulation and platelet function analyzer has the advantages of accurate, rapid, timely and effective. Clinically, it has been recognized and praised by the majority of doctors.
2. In the anticoagulant test, clinicians have very urgent requirements for rapid report and reliable results. In the case of emergency or perioperative bleeding, POCT is easy to operate and can quickly detect the results. POCT measurement does not need blood samples for examination, and there is no need to wait for the report. It can quickly adjust the dosage for patients. The time saved by POCT can produce some intangible value, especially in the intensive care unit and operating room. The length of operation time, the amount of disposal and time often mean that the cost of medical treatment is saved. In addition, unnecessary blood transfusion can be reduced in the hemostatic thrombus test, which has obvious advantages. For clinical diagnosis, difficult decision-making is not only the greatest harm to patients, but also makes doctors very helpless in the face of patients in pain. If there is no need to send samples for examination, the test can be carried out when the preliminary clinical judgment is available, which will help the clinicians to the greatest extent, reflecting the important value of the test in reducing the uncertainty of clinical decision-making. The coagulation and platelet function analyzer is a bedside machine, which is easy to carry and operate, and can be detected at the sampling site. The instrument can store 256 case data, and can also operate independently when it is disconnected from the computer, avoiding data loss caused by unstable connection with the computer. When rescuing a patient in distress, only mobile equipment is needed to detect the patient, which is convenient for doctors to operate the patient.
5、 Summary
● clinician's eyes
● from empirical diagnosis to accurate diagnosis
● have demonstration hospitals
● proposed clinical standardized configuration
● guidance, antithrombotic and coagulation management
● common in all departments with huge demand

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Test parameters are as follows:
Act (thrombin generation time): (100-155) seconds
Cr (fibrin polymerization rate): (10-36) coagulation signal / min
PF (platelet function): (> 1)
Product features
POCT machine: it is a bedside machine, which is easy to carry and operate. It can be detected at the sampling site. It can detect the whole process of blood coagulation in 10-15 minutes. It is suitable for clinicians to make timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.
Convenient operation: one click operation.
Built in special battery: built in high-energy and special lithium-ion battery, which can work normally for not less than 4 hours in the working environment without power supply.
Built in data storage: the device can complete the detection independently and save 256 detection data independently (cyclic replacement); The equipment can be saved automatically in case of power failure.
Built in RFID reading and writing device: used with the detection reagent with electronic tag, it can automatically identify the reagent model, production time, judge the validity period, and trace the source of the product production process to ensure the effectiveness of the detection, with the prompt function.
Rapid detection: the whole process of coagulation can be detected in 10-15 minutes. The act and Cr values are between 3-5
The results can be displayed within minutes (cardiopulmonary bypass, dialysis, orthopaedic use).
7. Timely evaluation: the coagulation and heparin status of the patient can be judged by the act and Cr values, and the comprehensive function of the patient's platelets (adhesion, aggregation, release, coagulation promotion and contraction) can be obtained by detecting the PF value.
8. Effective treatment: after quickly obtaining the numerical value, give the corresponding drug treatment according to the numerical value, and timely control
Bleeding and thrombosis in the patient.+

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