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EDAN i-i15 blood gas biochemical analyzer
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EDAN i-i15 blood gas biochemical analyzer

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Easydiagnosis dry blood gas analyzer (portable)
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Product description

Features: fast ● it takes about 45 seconds from the start of measuring the sample to the presentation of the sample results ● the built-in thermal printer can print the results anytime and anywhere ● wired / wireless seamless connection lis/his, accurate data sharing in real time ● results comparable to traditional electrode measurement methods ● complete traceability system environmental protection and maintenance free ● the instrument has no liquid path, maintenance free and maintenance free ● automatic horizontal sampling, Avoid biological pollution ● single disposable test card, no cross contamination, compact and portable, instant detection ● volume: 315mm x 238mm x 153m m ● weight: <4kg (with battery) ● built in high-capacity rechargeable battery: humanized design that can stand by for 20 hours or continuously test 50 specimens ● large screen full touch operation ● graphical operation guide ● built-in multimedia teaching video ● comprehensive two-dimensional code management, compact, Portable large screen touch screen micro sensor system based on microchip technology is applicable to different specifications of blood gas probe test card: 55mm wide x 85mm high microfluidic design and integrated liquid path control system blood gas biochemical test card (electrochemical method / AC impedance method) normal temperature storage, ready to use quality control ● built-in fast and accurate automatic calibration function ● original three-level quality control products, Complete traceability system ● electronic simulation quality control

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Bidding parameters of blood gas biochemical analyzer
1. equipment name: blood gas biochemical analyzer
▲2. Methodology: dry electrochemical method, AC impedance
3. electrode measurement method: maintenance free microelectrode Technology
4. injection method: automatic parallel injection
▲5. Test time: from sample aspiration to display result ≤ 60s
6. test parameters: pH, PO2, pCO2, Na +, K +, cl-, ca++, HCT, LAC, Glu. One test card can detect up to 10 measured parameters at the same time
▲7. At least two 9-item kits are available
8. calculation parameters: ch+, HCO3 act, HCO3 STD, be (ECF), be (b), BB (b), ctco2, SiO2 (EST), ca++ (7.4), angap, etc. measured and calculated parameters ≥ 34
9. specimen type: applicable to ≥ 6 kinds of arterial blood, venous blood, capillary blood, mixed arteriovenous blood, etc
10. calibration method: liquid calibration, single point calibration before measurement
▲11. Kit: the kit is designed as a single copy, packaged independently, stored at room temperature or in cold storage, ready to use
12. quality control: provide the original three-level liquid quality control products
▲13. Transportation and storage: the transportation conditions of the kit can reach -10 ~ 37 ℃; The storage temperature of the kit can be as low as 2 ℃ and as high as 30 ℃
14. operation interface: ≥ 7 inch color touch screen operation, free switching between Chinese and English languages, built-in multimedia operation tutorial
▲15. Built in high-capacity rechargeable battery, the standby time is ≥ 24h after power failure or the number of samples that can be continuously measured is ≥ 50
16. small and portable, weight < 5kg (including battery)
17. the instrument has built-in two-dimensional barcode scanner and thermal printer
▲18. Data interface: serial port, network interface, USB port, wired and wireless network link, which can be directly connected to LIS and his systems
Data management: the instrument can automatically store ≥ 10000 patient results, connect to POCT data management system, and connect to the production network to standardize the management of case data
▲19. Upgrade of test parameters: the hospital intranet upgrade software can be completed with a new kit without adding modules
20. operating environment requirements: 10-31 ℃
21. installed capacity in class III hospitals in Inner Mongolia ≥ 3
▲22. FDA certified
▲23. Obtain CE certification
▲24. Kit type ≥ 40
▲25. Supporting consumables: including ≤ 2 kinds of quality control solution consumables
▲26. Blood consumption: the minimum blood consumption of the instrument is 80ul
▲27. Standard blood gas special software

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