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Halo fecal analyzer
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Halo fecal analyzer

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Product description

Product composition
1. Host (automatic dilution module, high-speed mixing module, sampling module, sampling module, imaging system module, operation software module);
2. Fecal specimen collection box;
3. Diluent;
4. Cleaning fluid;
5. Test reagent card;
6. Computer;
7. Printer.

Product performance
1. Automatic sample processing: automatic quantitative dilution, automatic mixing and automatic perfusion of the sample into the counting cell.
2. Specimen treatment: single specimen treatment and continuous treatment and inspection of up to twenty-four specimens.
3. Chemical detection test: after the sample processing is completed, the rest of the samples can be tested for chemical detection.
4. Avoid cross contamination: the specimen is placed in the specimen box by the patient and sealed. During the whole operation, it is carried out in a closed environment. The specimen box not only has the functions of storing and transferring specimens, but also has the functions of dilution, mixing, filtration and egg collection. After the final test, all specimen waste liquid is collected in the waste liquid barrel, which is conducive to centralized disinfection, It can minimize the pollution of laboratory and environment.
5. The built-in high-precision camera microscope system of the instrument: provides the best field of vision and clarity, and all operations are carried out in the computer interface.
6. Fast automatic sample injection, automatic field conversion, automatic focal length adjustment, intuitive and clear images, automatic photography, greatly reducing the labor intensity of operators and improving work efficiency.
7. Standardized report format, complete graphics and standardized operation; The computer stores all test records.
8. The design of the test system fully considers the clinical needs, with reasonable structure, stable performance, simple man-machine interface and intuitive operation. The operator can master it after appropriate training.

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Basic product parameters
1. Power 150W
2. Net weight 105kg, gross weight 148kg
3. Sample tray 24 station
4. Test speed 190 tests / hour (continuous detection)
5. overall dimension 900mm × 700mm × 1080mm
Product testing principles and items
1. detection principle
After quantitative dilution of fecal samples, the instrument will detect occult blood, wheel and other reagent strips, take precise mechanical samples controlled by AVR microcomputer, simulate laboratory microscopic examination, and collect images by high-resolution COMS system, which will not only give visual reports to the sample carrier, but also automatically back up the system for future reference.
*2. test items
Serial number
Test items
Test content
Detection principle
Fecal routine
General character, microscopic examination, egg and protozoa examination
Appearance, morphology, color, shape and egg collection microscopic examination of stool samples collected by CMOS
occult blood 
Immunoassay, chemical assay, transferrin assay
Colloidal gold detection
Virological examination
Rotavirus, adenovirus, Coxsackie virus
Colloidal gold detection
Bacteriological examination
helicobacter pylori
Colloidal gold detection
Product features
1. This instrument is applicable to routine physical examination, microscopic examination of feces and detection and test of some fecal biochemical or immune items.
*2. It has core technology invention patents and PCT (international patent priority), and has a number of patent certificates such as products, sample boxes and detection reagent cards;
*3. Three channel counting pool, fast and accurate, clear image.
4. The latest German Leica micro imaging technology makes the capture more accurate and the image clearer.
*5. The system is reasonable: the design fully considers the clinical needs and prevents nosocomial infection. The whole testing process is closed. The inspectors do not directly contact the samples and waste liquid, which is clean and pollution-free;
*6. Two kinds of filter screens are built in the specimen box, which can automatically separate specimens, filter faeces and collect eggs;
*7. Accurate sampling, quantitative analysis with standard sampling spoon, batch injection or single injection, detection rate up to 190 tests / hour (continuous detection);
8. Automatic and quantitative dilution, high-speed mechanical stirring and effective mixing of samples;
*9. Adopt upright stirring and sample aspirating technology to prevent liquid leakage and needle plugging;
10. The working software is based on the platform above windows7 and adopts a high-definition imaging system to provide the best field of view and clear images. All processes are automated, automatic field of view conversion, convenient focal length adjustment, intuitive and clear images provided, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves work efficiency;
11. Dual screen display function, which can sort out the report without affecting the observation (optional);
12. Automatic self inspection: the instrument will automatically alarm in case of any fault during operation, so as to facilitate rapid troubleshooting.
13. With vacancy detection function, the machine automatically skips the position where no sample is placed.
14. The results of colloidal gold reagent can be interpreted intelligently.
15. The sample test items can be personalized to meet the needs of clinical testing.
Technical indicators
1. Specimen tray: rotary table type, 24 specimen positions, automatic cleaning;
2. Cleaning of counting cell: blasting and washing with large water flow in 6 seconds;
*3. Needle cleaning: the sampling probe adopts Teflon coating technology, the inner wall is blasted and washed, and the outer wall is flushed
Spring flushing to reduce cross pollution;
4. The 20x objective microscope system and the 3million pixel CMOS imaging system make the acquired photos clearer;
5. The computer adopts international brand original machine, 500g hard disk, at least 350000 sample data stored, and 20 inch LCD;
6. Chinese software system, Chinese input and display, simple man-machine interface and intuitive operation.
7. Provide a report interface that complies with relevant laws and regulations, and adopt unique colored background technology to make the image clearer In particular, the contrast of red blood cells is increased, which makes the edge, outline and shape of cells easier to identify, and the pictures and texts are complete for users to choose;
8. It can connect the hospital network, support remote data exchange, and connect with LIS system.

Operating environment
1. Temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃
2. Humidity: ≤ 85%
3. Atmospheric pressure: 86.0kpa ~ 106.0kpa
4. Work in the operation room with the temperature of 10-30 ℃. Various reagents can ensure reliable data at 18-30 ℃
5. Try to avoid dust in the working place of the instrument
6. Avoid direct sunlight on the instrument and keep it well ventilated

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