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AVE fecal analyzer
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AVE fecal analyzer

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 Halo fecal analyzer
Halo fecal analyzer
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Halo fecal analyzer
Product description

The sample transmission, dilution, mixing, filtration and sampling are automatically completed by the instrument, which is fast and pollution-free; The instrument automatically completes the loading of detection card and counter board, sample detection and waste disposal, and is unattended throughout the whole process, which is convenient and efficient; The dynamic filter screen design can effectively recover pathological sediment, especially insect eggs, and prevent blockage, with a high detection rate; The high-precision disposable counter plate can effectively avoid cross contamination caused by hole plugging and unclean cleaning of the flow counting cell. The pipeline maintenance is simple and convenient. You can freely select a variety of detection items such as occult blood, virology and bacteriology. By configuring a single card, you can detect up to 5 items at the same time. The multi counter plate sedimentation position is set up, which can effectively save time and ensure the sufficiency of sedimentation, so as to provide guarantee for clear mining; The instrument can automatically identify and classify the red blood cells, white blood cells, insect eggs and other conventional tangible components, and can collect images for special pathological tangible components, which can be identified and classified manually; A comprehensive report is issued in the form of data, image and text description to provide comprehensive reference information for clinical diagnosis.

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Technical parameters of ave-561 automatic stool analyzer
Working principle: using machine vision technology, the color and character of the stool, the chemical or immunological detection card, and the sediment under the microscope are collected. The color and character of the stool and the detection results of the colloidal gold method are recognized by the morphological automatic analysis method, and the sediment in the stool is recognized, classified and counted;
*Core technology: Machine Vision Technology: (1) shoot stool color and character, and automatically judge and recognize; (2) Shoot the color image of the detection card, and automatically judge the Yin and Yang; (3) Automatic identification, classification and counting of the sediment in the stool; (4) Command all mechanical parts of the instrument to coordinate work, and no manual operation is required during the whole detection process.
Inspection items:
(1) Microscopic examination items: it can detect and confirm all pathological tangible components in fecal samples visible under the microscope; (2) Physical examination: samples can be automatically photographed to analyze physical indicators such as color and properties; (3) Fecal occult blood: it can automatically analyze fecal occult blood items, including hemoglobin and transferrin. (4) Other items: it can automatically analyze the detection results of rotavirus, adenovirus, Helicobacter pylori and other immune methods.
Sample sending device: rail type sample sending, with a capacity of 40 samples in the area to be tested;
Sample pretreatment: the instrument automatically completes sample dilution, mixing, filtering and sample adding
*Fecal processor:
(1) The multi - contact design of the sampling spoon makes it convenient for patients to take multi - point samples; (2) The double side propeller design forms turbine water flow in the mixing process, which is more fully mixed to effectively separate and enrich pathological components;
(3) The dynamic filter screen design can not only realize the active fishing of pathological components, but also form a counter flow during the mixing process through the large and small aperture filter screens distributed on the side, which can effectively filter the residues and collect eggs, and the recovery rate of pathological components is more than 80%.
(4) Fully sealed design, fully sealed in the process of sample transmission, detection and recovery, reducing the risk of biological infection and pneumatic transmission. The thin waist design is adopted to reduce the dilution multiple and improve the positive detection rate.
Intelligent mixing function: the instrument automatically adjusts the mixing time and strength according to the judgment results of the properties during the mixing process. The mixing strength of dilute stool is small, the mixing time of soft stool is short, the mixing time of hard stool is long, and the strength is large, so as to ensure the best processed sample suspension and improve the detection rate;
*Detection card combined arrangement device:
(1) The immune or chemical methods can be automatically combined to detect 5 different items at a time;
(2) The "bullet clip" design is moisture-proof and easy to load.
*Counting plate: the high-precision disposable counting plate can avoid the blockage of the pipeline or counting cell caused by the use of the flowing counting cell, and the biological safety risk caused by the subsequent manual dredging of the blocked pipe, and can also avoid the cross pollution between samples (;
Counter plate queuing sedimentation device:
(1) Ensure sufficient precipitation time of fecal samples and improve picture definition;
(2) It can hold 6 samples at one time and queue up for sedimentation, which greatly improves the comprehensive detection speed of the instrument.
Intelligent visual field adjustment function: automatically and dynamically adjust the background under the visual field according to the separation of fecal samples, so as to obtain the best visual environment and improve the picture definition;
Multi level automatic focusing function: take photos and collect target parameters in layers during the focusing process of the microscope, and ensure that clear pictures of pathological sediment are collected for samples in different states, so as to improve the detection rate;
*Image processing system: it can automatically enlarge the image collected under the low power objective lens without high-power and low-power lens conversion to avoid microscope wear;
Intelligent capture function: set up a specific semantic model according to hundreds of characteristic parameters such as the size, axis ratio, shape, texture, gradient, color and gray level of tangible components, and automatically and selectively capture suspected pathological tangible components in complex background;
Centralized audit function: the instrument automatically intercepts the pictures of a single tangible component from the pictures taken by the CCD, and arranges them in a centralized manner to facilitate audit;
Emergency function: special emergency position, automatic transmission and detection of emergency samples;
Fault alarm function: automatic fault alarm;
Reporting method: a comprehensive report is issued by combining data, images and text descriptions to provide comprehensive reference information for clinical diagnosis;
Detection speed: comprehensive speed ≥ 90 samples / hour;
Recovery rate of sediment: ≥ 80%;
Accuracy deviation: comprehensive identification and counting of tangible components: accuracy deviation ≤ 5%;
*Repeatability: concentration 20 ~ 100 / µ L: CV ≤ 20%; Concentration 500 ~ 1000 / µ L: CV ≤ 12%; Concentration 5000 pieces / µ L: CV ≤ 8% (provide registration inspection report);
*Carrying pollution rate: concentration (4600 ~ 5400) pieces / µ L: ≤ 1 piece / µ L; Concentration (9200 ~ 10800) PCs. / µ L: ≤ 2 pcs. / µ L (provide registration test report);
Capacity of counter board storage bin: 200;
Printer: laser printer;
Data interface: two-way communication interface to facilitate data transmission;
Data storage capacity: ≥ 200000 results;
Network function: it can be connected to the computer network of departments and hospitals to realize the paperless transmission of analysis reports.

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