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Tiancheng trace element analyzer
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Tiancheng trace element analyzer

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Product description

Overall advantages of Tiancheng tc-3010 series trace element analyzer
1. It is a legal medical human trace element analyzer, specialized for medical institutions, not applicable to industrial testing.
2. With complete functions, one set of equipment can detect 9 elements including blood lead, which can meet all the needs of clinical human trace element detection. The detection method of blood lead (differential potentiometric stripping method) meets the requirements of the Ministry of health
(2016) No. 10 technical specification for clinical examination of blood lead.
3. The eighth generation automation technology avoids human error, and the element activation technology and composite reagent technology avoid tedious operation. Automatic calibration and automatic current sharing and stabilization circuit ensure absolute accuracy and stability; Fully enclosed electrode detection technology and temperature control function avoid environmental pollution and temperature error.
4. There is no need to start the machine to warm up, and the patient will be tested as soon as they arrive.
5. It can detect lead, cadmium, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese at the same time, and the test report can be taken immediately.
6. No special room is required, no harm to the environment, and no environmental protection license is required;
7. No harm to operators, no noise, no unsafe factors and facilities;
8. Non consumable electrode, no vulnerable and consumable parts, no later expenses and low cost;
9. Professional manufacturers, strong technology, quality assurance, service network all over the country, fast and guaranteed after-sales service.

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Model and specification
Tiancheng tc-3010c (3010d machine with new registration certificate)
★ stabilization system
6 sets of automatic current sharing and stability control system
★ detection channel
Polarographic and dissolution dual channel
★ detection method
Polarographic analysis and differential potentiometric stripping
Analysis time
Polarography ≤ 8s; Dissolution ≤ 70s
Blood collection volume
20 per channel μ l. Complete set 40 μ l
★ multi element simultaneous measurement
The compound reagent technology is used for simultaneous detection of 8 elements without mutual interference (with the certificate of reagent registration)
★ legal elements
Zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, cadmium, lead and copper (with registration certificate)
Extension project
Suitable for medical detection of trace elements in human body
control technology 
Full digital automatic control
Applicable samples
Peripheral blood, venous blood, urine, hair, semen, etc
Automatic element activation technology without digestion {except for hair and selenium}
★ instrument calibration
Automatic grading correction {automatic working curve}
Analytical method
With working curve method, standard addition method and quality control calibration method
Anti pollution measures
Closed detection technology
★ reference electrode
Maintenance free bio colloid electrode
Platinum electrode
Platinum wire electrode
★ working electrode
Fully enclosed maintenance free static mercury electrode controlled by electronic chip
★ lower detection limit
Dissolution ≤ 0.01ug/l, polarography ≤ 5x10-8mol/l
★ accuracy error
Dissolution RSD ≤ 3%; Polarographic RSD ≤ 1%
★ repeatability error
Dissolution CV ≤ 3%; Polarographic CV ≤ 1%
linear regression
Reduction resistance
Operating software
Store more than 1million cases, number them automatically, search them automatically according to patient information, and upgrade them for free online
★ overall structure
Desktop integrated structure with workstation
Workstation host
Built in Windows workstation system
Built in 10 inch LCD
colour inkjet printer

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