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Amonmed immunofluorescence analysis system
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Amonmed immunofluorescence analysis system

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The instrument can automatically complete the whole process of detection and automatic card discarding reset. 1 multi-channel, full quantitative 2.8-inch 24 bit true color LCD, 800*6003 multi-channel resolution, "big heart": 12 independent incubation channels support multiple colleague tests, and independent timing 4 Built in sweeping module, automatic identification of test items and timely output of test results 5 self defined intelligent management module, unlimited storage of results with result query function 6 built-in detection management software under Windows environment Jingzhun detection module: in machine incubation, automatic detection of 8 kinds of report modes, independent selection of built-in thermal printing, automatic report of test results transmission quality LS system supports external computer report printing, supports USB import and export of data

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Single channel and multi-channel parameter index item name afs-1000afs2000a detection channel single channel 12 channels, rotary table detection principle dry fluorescent immunoassay detection property quantitative, semi quantitative, qualitative analysis (depending on different reagent items) sample type serum / plasma, whole blood, urine, others, Sample type can be selected in the instrument interface. Detection speed. Single detection time <10s (excluding incubation time). Detection items can support 63 different items at most. Detection methods can support multiple tests on one card (up to 5 items). Instrument appearance 1 Users can design 2 If Party A's registration certificate is used, it means that the appearance repeatability CV of Party A's registration machine is ≤ 1% (standard card, high value) CV ≤ 2% (standard card, low value) linear correlation R ≥ 0.99 (t/c value) inter platform difference bis% ≤ 5% (series standard card) special ID core card for calibration method, and the calibration curve of single channel and multi-channel instruments is 1 Calibration curve is stored in ID card (ID card capacity 4K) 2 There are 11 kinds of fluorescence signal algorithms, which are built in the user experimental software 3 There are 9 fitting methods, including built-in reagent card barcode, Lambert barcode, one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code incubation function, normal temperature incubation, heating and temperature control, accuracy ± 1 ° C combined test (multi item operation) support, temporarily do not support display screen 7-inch touch screen (resolution above 800x480) 8-inch touch screen (resolution above 800x480) instrument size 215*302*155mm470*325*320mm instrument net weight ≤ 3kg ≤ 20kg
Result storage >10000 interface languages: Chinese and English. Other languages can be expanded. The printer has a built-in thermal printer. 58mm result query can query results according to sample number, time and item. The results can be deleted. The results can be transmitted through 4G, USB2.0, RS232C, WiFi and Ethernet. It supports LIS and his fault alarm interpretation and display. There are warning prompts for reagent card C line abnormality, reagent card insertion / not in place, reagent card expiration, etc. software management automatically enters the card Automatic card discarding, built-in automatic barcode scanning function, automatic identification of project ID and project information project expansion support project customization, support algorithm customization, operating temperature 5 ° C ~ 30 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 80%, external power supply 100V ~ 250V, 50Hz ~ 60hztodc12v/60w atmospheric pressure 86kpa ~ 106kpa safety regulations, EMC, environmental test electrical safety shall meet the requirements of GB4793.1, and EMC shall meet the requirements of gb/t18268.1 and gb/t18268.26, The environmental test shall meet the requirements of mechanical environmental test group II in gb/t14710

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