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Automatic tissue dehydrator
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Automatic tissue dehydrator

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 Leica automatic tissue dehydrator
Leica automatic tissue dehydrator
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Product description

Performance characteristics:
1. Full Chinese touch screen execution menu, dialog box operating system.
2. Number of editable stored programs: 20 sets. Intelligent operation and automatic operation
3. Power failure protection function: automatically switch to the built-in power supply after power failure (up to 16 hours).
4. The gear shaft and photoelectric two-stage positioning technology are used for precise transmission and precise positioning, so that the pathology department can keep away from the trouble of cylinder jamming
5. The powerful hd-300 intelligent software has the functions of fast automatic detection, reset, abnormal protection, etc.
6. Samples can be added at any time during program operation; The paraffin tank can be heated at any time.
7. Real time display of program content, heating status, set temperature, test temperature and other real-time operation status
8. Drop retention time is open and adjustable. The dropping time can be adjusted according to the sample quantity and ambient temperature to prolong the reagent purity
9. It can be set to start at any time. The intelligent synchronous gas purification and treatment system ensures that the working environment is free from pollution.
10. Gradient heating (patented) technology is adopted to further improve the dehydration effect of the specimen.

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Technical parameters:
● number of hydraulic cylinders: 12 cylinders (the last 3 are gradient heated paraffin cylinders)
● single cylinder volume: 1500ml, 2000ml, 2500ml (ML)
● processing time: 1 minute ~ 99 hours and 59 minutes can be set arbitrarily.
● heating method: gradient heating (patented technology): 61 ℃ -63 ℃ -65 ℃
● temperature control: room temperature ~ 99 ℃. Holding time: 2-6 hours adjustable
● dwell time: 1-240 seconds, open and adjustable.
● specimen stirring: 1-240 seconds open and adjustable
Description: hd-300a1000 ml, hd-300b1200 ml, hd-300c1500 ml,
Hd-300d2000ml, hd-300d2500ml

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