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Leica tissue dyeing machine
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Leica tissue dyeing machine

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 Leica automatic tissue dehydrator
Leica automatic tissue dehydrator
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Product description

Meet specific laboratory needs
The ability to store and run up to 15 different user-defined dyeing schemes increases the flexibility to accommodate a single dyeing program.
High handling sample volume
The high output sample volume supports the laboratory workflow. At the same time, there are at most 11 staining racks, each with 30 slides.
Flexible staining / cover glass solution
It can be used alone or in combination with Leica cv5030 glass capping machine to create a convenient dyeing / sealing workstation. Upgrade at any time to meet the specific needs of your lab.
Easy to use and operate
Easy to use software helps to program easily, thereby reducing operator errors.
Simple and space saving
The small, compact design helps save lab space. Despite its small footprint, the integrated slide oven and up to 5 washing stations give users the flexibility to perform various procedures at the same time.

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Leica st5010 highly flexible and reliable multi program conventional dyeing machine sealing agent bottle capacity 250ml input rack can accept various commercially available glass slide types (up to 60 slides) output rack 20 or 30 slides (up to 60 slides) smoke control activated carbon filter screen and smoke extraction pipeline system voltage 100-250vac/50-60hz (L × D × H) 420 × six hundred × 550mm net weight: about 57kg instrument type: automatic glass sealing machine sample type: tissue section, cell smear, single cell smear production capacity: about 400 pieces per hour (about 9 seconds for each piece) cover glass size: 22-24 × 40-60mm cover glass shelf capacity 120-160 cover glass slides (depending on the size) sealing agent commercially available all sealing agents sealing agent dosage personalized instrument type module combination according to sample size, type and cover glass size, which is composed of full-automatic dyeing machine (st5010), The sealing machine (cv5030) and the intermediate transfer station (ts5015) are composed of sample types histological and cytological samples smoke control activated carbon filter screen and smoke extraction pipeline system voltage see different instruments (the control and power supply of ts5015 are completely independent of cv5030) size (L × D × H)1620 × seven hundred and twenty × 550mm net weight about 164kg Leica cv5030 glass sealing machine Leica workstation dyeing capacity at least 200 slides per hour (up to 600 slides per hour at the fastest) loading capacity 11 slide shelves loading capacity of each slide shelf 30 slides total site 26 reagent cylinders at least 18 reagent cylinders capacity 450ml washing cylinders at most 5 ovens 1 oven temperature 0 ° C or 30 ° c-65 ° C incubation time setting 0 seconds to 99 minutes 59 seconds upload / download 1 program number each site L5 programs, Maximum 25 steps per program size (width × deep × Height) 109cm × 67cm × 51cm weight 65kg voltage 110v-120v, 50hz-60hz230v-240v, 50Hz-60Hz

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