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Prismaflex hemodialysis device
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Prismaflex hemodialysis device

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 Nikkiso hemodialysis device
Nikkiso hemodialysis device
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 Prismaflex hemodialysis device
Prismaflex hemodialysis device
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 SWS hemodialysis machine
SWS hemodialysis machine
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Product description

The intelligent alarm system can reduce the number of alarms and optimize the treatment quality. The unique leakage feedback system of the liquid detection system optimizes the liquid precision management. The membrane pressure detector reduces the amount of extracorporeal circulation, avoids the contact between blood and air, and reduces blood coagulation. The unique blood free interface of the venous degassing pot reduces the blood coagulation backup battery to ensure uninterrupted treatment for at least 10 minutes

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Technical parameters of "bedside hemodiafiltration machine"
Serial number
Technical index name
Technical requirements for bidding
* 1
Cargo requirements
Imported with original packaging, the bidding model must be the latest generation of products to meet the needs of adults and children.
* 2
Window display
High resolution color LCD touch screen, Chinese graphic prompt operation steps, pipeline installation guide and online help function for abnormal conditions.
Pipe connection
Simple pipeline connection, fully automatic installation, pre flushing and safety test of pump pipe, fast operation.
* 4
Pump number requirements
More than 5 pumps, including the integrated heparin pump.
Optional CRRT treatment and other treatment methods
Continuous venous hemofiltration (CVVH); Continuous venous hemodialysis (CVVHD); Continuous venous hemodiafiltration (CVVHDF); Slow continuous ultrafiltration (scuf);. In order to prevent joint pollution, complete the mutual conversion of pre diluted cvvh/cvvhdf, post diluted cvvh/cvvhdf and simultaneous pre diluted and post diluted cvvh/cvvhdf without separating the pipeline.
Online artificial liver therapy (x-mars)
Blood gas exchange (prismalung)
Plasma exchange (TPE)
Hemoperfusion (HP)
With citric acid anticoagulation treatment mode
It has a fully automatic and integrated citric acid anticoagulation treatment mode, which can use high concentration and low concentration citric acid, and three citric acid formulas are preset in the system for users to choose. No special consumables are required for citric acid anticoagulation.
Anticoagulation selection
Local citric acid anticoagulation, systemic anticoagulation, no anticoagulant treatment
Flow rate range
The blood flow rate is 10-450ml/h, the exchange solution flow rate is 0-8000ml/h, the dialysate flow rate is 0-8000ml/h, the patient dehydration is 0-2000ml/h, and the plasma exchange rate is 0-5000ml/h
Pressure detection range
Arterial pressure detection range -250--+450mmhg; ±15mmHg
The detection range of venous pressure is -50--+350mmhg; ±5mmHg
Pipeline in front of filter -50--+450mmhg; ±15mmHg
Waste liquid line pressure -350--+400mmhg. Accuracy: ± 15mmhg
Liquid balance scale
More than 4 independent balance scales are designed. Each scale needs independent functions. Two scales with the same function are regarded as one scale.
Requirements for use of consumables
Under scuf, CVVH, CVVHD and CVVHDF treatment modes, a set of consumables can be completed. In addition to citric acid anticoagulation for blood purification, TPE can also be used for citric acid anticoagulation.
Anticoagulant vortex venous kettle, no air blood contact interface.
Coagulation alarm
New filter coagulation warning system
Heating device
Equipped with blood heating device
Anti interference function
It has anti-static device to prevent interference to ECG monitoring, and has CF level certification.
Air detector
Complete air detection function
Blood leakage detector
Complete blood leakage detection function
Liquid leakage detection
With liquid leakage detection function
Backup power supply
It can maintain cardiopulmonary bypass for ≥ 10 minutes after power failure to ensure timely blood return and patient transport.
Computer network interface data storage
Computer network interface, all records of treatment can be maintained for 96 hours
Minimum blood volume during cardiopulmonary bypass
60ml, suitable for CRRT treatment in children.
It has consumables that can remove inflammatory media and endotoxin while maintaining renal function (non series treatment)

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