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Danish international tinnitus comprehensive treatment instrument
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Danish international tinnitus comprehensive treatment instrument

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 Danish international auditory evoked potential
Danish international auditory evoked potential
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Product description

Based on the tinnitus test results, seamless digital input can achieve a truly personalized treatment and rehabilitation scientific formula, reasonable control, natural and pleasant treatment. Nearly 100 kinds of natural and synthetic sound sources are pre stored to meet the different sound treatment needs of tinnitus patients. The personal treatment equipment with patented technology: calming sound therapy CD and mask sound therapy device combine treatment and evaluation to ensure long-term stable curative effect

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Technical parameters of tinnitus comprehensive diagnosis and treatment instrument
1、 Equipment name: tinnitus comprehensive diagnosis and treatment instrument
2、 Model: tts-2000
3、 Technical parameters:
It integrates patient information management, tinnitus inquiry, tinnitus assessment, tinnitus detection, Tinnitus Diagnosis and tinnitus rehabilitation treatment;
1. * modular functional design, with functions such as patient information management, tinnitus inquiry, tinnitus assessment, tinnitus detection, tinnitus diagnosis, tinnitus rehabilitation treatment and tinnitus hearing data analysis;
2. * medical device quality certification must have FDA, ISO13485 and CE certification;
3. * frequency adjustment is available in 1Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1000 Hz, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24 octave and other step amplitudes, with frequency accuracy of ± 0.2%;
4. * there are 1dB, 2dB, 5dB and other step amplitudes available for intensity adjustment;
5. * total harmonic distortion: air guide earphone ≤ 2%;
6. Accuracy of reference equivalent threshold sound pressure level and reference equivalent threshold force level ± 3 dB;
7. * the accuracy of the hearing level controller is 0.1dB;
8. * test frequency response range:
Output device frequency (Hz) loudness dB HL
Air conducting earphone 125 ~ 8000 -10 ~ 120
Bone conduction earphone 250 ~ 6000 -10 ~ 70
Plug in earphones 125 ~ 8000 -10 ~ 105
High frequency earphone 8000 ~ 20000 -10 ~ 100
9. The operation language can be selected, such as simplified Chinese, English, etc;
10. Test signal: pure tone, pulse pure tone, warble tone, pulse warble tone, narrowband noise, speech noise, white noise, on-site real-time speech signal, recorded audio signal;
11. Masking signal: white noise, narrowband noise, speech noise, various natural sounds, etc;
12. Audio input device: external audio input socket, doctor intercom microphone, patient talkback microphone;
13. Audio output device: air conducting earphone, optional bone conducting earphone, plug-in earphone, high-frequency earphone, sound field speaker, movable speaker and monitoring earphone;
14. * it can match the main tone type of tinnitus, the main tone frequency of tinnitus, octave confusion test, tinnitus main tone loudness matching, Feldmann masking curve determination and minimum masking level test, residual inhibition or post masking effect test, and can conduct a complete and comprehensive analysis of the test results, so as to obtain the diagnostic results with clinical significance;
15. * the test scope includes the test, analysis, identification and clinical identification of tinnitus clinical characteristics of tinnitus patients;
16. * integrate various tinnitus treatment and rehabilitation physical instruments, customize the formula of various acoustic indicators on the basis of individual tests, and input them into special portable personal therapeutic devices, such as tinnitus masker and hearing aid masker, in the form of digital processing for treatment;
17. Equal loudness octave range confusion test can automatically calculate and set the high octave and low octave intensity according to the patient's hearing threshold;
18. With audiogram input function, other clinical audiometer test results can be input;
19. It has the mouse sound giving mode to realize the left key sound giving and right key storage functions;
20. * you can preview and print the test report and view the historical test records;
21. Tinnitus treatment plan can be saved and quickly imported at any time;
22. * patient information, consultation form, evaluation form, hearing test data, tinnitus test data and other conditions can be specified for comprehensive query and analysis to count the qualified person times and ears.
3、 Configuration list:
1. Host                 1 set
2. Patient management module              1 set
3. Consultation and evaluation module              1 set
4. Tinnitus comprehensive diagnosis and treatment module        1 set
5. Dynamic tinnitus hearing data analysis module      1 set
6. Patient transponder               1 set
7. Air conducting earphone (imported)            1 pair
8. Doctor microphone / monitoring earphone        1 set
9. Patient microphone               1
10. 1 set of computer
11. 1 printer

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