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Spark 1.5T Apsaras Superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system MRI
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Spark 1.5T Apsaras Superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system MRI

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Spark 1.5T
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Product description

Apsaras spark ultra fast version is equipped with 1.5T zero coil off magnet
The magnet is a superconducting magnet with the highest magnetic field uniformity level in the industry, and the uniformity reaches
0 5ppm@50cmDSV 。 Since the human body contains diamagnetic substances, the human body will change after entering the main magnetic field
Magnetic field distribution, so it is necessary to introduce active shimming that can change the magnetic field distribution for each patient in time
Apsaras spark is equipped with unique magnetic field correction technology Hoss (high order shim) as standard
System), when the patient enters the magnet, the precise magnetic field uniformity in the target area is realized. Ultra high precision
MRS and h-sinc are sufficient to prove the ultra-high performance of the magnet.
Apsaras spark magnetic resonance

Apsaras spark is equipped with a high-performance gradient system (33mt/m, 130t/m/s), which can provide unconventional
The information quality and imaging efficiency of imaging create infinite possibilities for special clinical needs. The precision internal cooling system,
Ensure continuous high-performance working stability, and actively shield the gradient coil to ensure accurate space and time accuracy,
Make positioning more accurate.
Faster MRI
Failure to cooperate with scanning is a very difficult problem in the daily work of MRI, resulting in image motion
Artifact duplication can not meet the needs of clinical diagnosis, and double the examination time is required for re examination. For patients with severe unconsciousness
For patients, time equals life. According to clinical needs, Apsaras spark is equipped with radar technology (snail
Propeller k-space filling technology), which effectively solves the motion artifacts caused by translation and rotation within and between layers
Shadow, which can efficiently output images consistent with clinical diagnosis in a limited time

MR imaging time has always been a major obstacle to its application. Conventional acquisition mode imaging is slow
Such as dynamic enhanced scanning, moving organ imaging, perfusion imaging, functional imaging, economic benefits, etc
When there are technologies with resolution requirements, conventional acquisition methods cannot meet these requirements. Apsaras spark can meet these requirements
It is required to be equipped with rapid rapid imaging (parallel acquisition) technology, which can improve the number of images while maintaining the resolution
Times the scanning speed, at the same time, it is more humanized to adjust the acceleration factor after the decimal point, so as to improve the image quality
And scanning speed.
Rapid acceleration technology: improves scanning speed on the premise of ensuring image quality

Smarter MRI
Apsaras spark applies the automatic head positioning technology of artificial intelligence (autopose) to utilize artificial intelligence
It can automatically identify and match anatomical positioning phase with big data, and intelligently identify anatomical range and anatomical markers without human
The work intervention can automatically complete the angle positioning, greatly improve the work efficiency, and ensure that different patients have different examinations at different times
The accuracy and consistency of sequence images are conducive to the standardized scanning of NMR.

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1)Apsaras Spark(1.5T) MR System standard configuration sheet


1.5T superconductive magnet

Patient table

Operator console

RFIP unit

Gradient PowerAmplifier unit(GPA unit)

SENSE unit

Filter box

A set of water model

A set of patient position pads

A set of patient fixing pads and bandages


Head / neck combined coil

Flexible body coil

Integrated spine coil

Universal flexible coil (small flexible)

Coil cabinet



2)Apsaras Spark(1.5T) MR Standard software configuration


TOF MRA imaging Function

PC MRA imaging Function

BASG Imaging function

DWI Package

Consisting of measurement and analysis functions

RADAR measurement function

RAPID measurement function


Regional Shimming function

Volume Rendering function

Auto-Pose Brain function

Auto-voice function

Image Centering Function

CE-MRA Imaging Package

Fluoroscopy imaging function

primeFSE imaging function

3D GEIR imaging function

ADAGE Package

BeamNavi function

TIGRE imaging function

Black Blood imaging function

Water Excitation imaging function

BSI(Blood Sensitive Image) imaging function

Dicom Interface

Dicom Print Software

IHE PDI Software

PV CE-MRA imaging function

(Includes Auto-voice function)

ISC measurement function

DICOM MWM software

DICOM MPPS software

IHE CPI software

IHE Key Image Note software

MR hydrography 
Including MRCP, MRM, MRU and inner ear

REPHASE(Includes Slice and Freq)








3)Apsaras Spark(1.5T) MR Advanced software inventory

Advanced package name

Infant Package

VASC-ASL imaging function

Neuro Imaging Package

Consisting of perfusion measurement and analysis functions

Whole Body Imaging

(Including Image Stitching software and whole body)

T2 RelaxMap imaging function

VASC-FSE imaging function




4Apsaras Spark(1.5T) MR Premium options

Coil configuration

Mammary coil


5)Third party support

Shielded machine room (40m2)

Water cooler

100KVA regulated power supply

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