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Electrocardiograph for adult animals
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Electrocardiograph for adult animals

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 Portable monitor ECG6
Portable monitor ECG6
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 photoelectric ambulatory ECG workstation rac-2512
photoelectric ambulatory ECG workstation rac-2512
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Product description

1. have software product registration certificate. Certificate No.: Chuan dgy-2013-0154
2. the instrument is compact and adopts an integrated anti-interference power supply with AC 220V. Except for the built-in transformer in the chassis, there is no need to connect any transformer externally, so as to ensure that the bioelectric signal displayed by the instrument can be clear and accurate without any external ground wire during any bioelectricity experiment. So as to ensure the anti-interference performance and accuracy of the machine.
3. the instrument has 4 channels, all of which are multifunctional full range control isolation amplifiers. The amplifier of each channel can be used as bioelectric amplifier, blood pressure amplifier, bridge amplifier, spirometer, thermometer, etc. In addition, each channel has independent hardware modules, which greatly increases the anti-interference ability between channels, and also brings great convenience for instrument maintenance.

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4. high precision 16 bit a/d conversion chip is adopted, and the maximum sampling rate of single channel hardware is 1000khz. The minimum sampling rate of hardware is 0.01Hz. The maximum sampling frequency for four channel continuous sampling is 100kHz, and the sampling rate can be changed as required during real-time sampling. Scanning speed: 0.05ms/div~3200s/div.
5. amplifier input resistance ≥ 100m Ω (double ended input) and 50m Ω (single ended input)
Common mode rejection ratio ≥ 100dB, noise ≤± 1 μ V (RMS) or ≤± 3 μ V(P-P)。
Frequency response: dc~20khz. Input range: 5 μ V~500mV。
Sensitivity: a) bioelectricity mode: 20uv/div~500mv/div
b) Blood pressure mode 3.6-360 (mmhg/div)
0.36-180 (mmhg/div) (high sensitivity transducer)
6. AC and DC have the same gain: the range is adjustable in 500mv, 200mV, 100mV, 50mV, 20mV, 10mV, 5mv, 2mV, 1mV, 500uv, 200uv, 100uv, 50uv, 20uv and 10uv; The 10V electrical signal can be directly input without saturation of the amplifier.
7. low pass filtering (hardware): 0.3 Hz, 3 Hz, 10Hz, 30Hz, 100Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 3kHz, 10 kHz, off (20kHz).
It has a filtering mode of more than 5 orders.
8. time constant (hardware): 0.001s, 0.002s, 0.02s, 0.2S, 1s, 5S, DC.
9. main technical requirements of photoelectric isolation program-controlled stimulator: single stimulation, serial single stimulation, continuous single stimulation, double stimulation, serial double stimulation
Continuous double stimulation, timed stimulation, intensity increasing stimulation, frequency increasing stimulation, wave width increasing stimulation, strong interval increasing stimulation, automatic double stimulation, etc. Maximum load current: 100 Ma, with positive current and negative current output mode, programmable output of triangular wave, sine wave and other shock waves. It meets the national standard for safe use of electricity for experiments and will not cause electric shock due to misoperation. The output voltage is <=50v, so as to meet the national safe power consumption standard (in addition, the external synchronous stimulator can reach 120V).
10. digital filtering mode:
1) High pass, low pass, band pass and band stop with adjustable filter parameters.
2) Zero phase shift digital filter with adjustable order.
11. the hardware system includes ECG full lead card (this function is available in rm6240ec). Each channel can be used for ECG of 12 lead modes, and the lead switching mode can be programmed,
There are 12 lead modes: Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, AVR, AVL, AVF, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6.
12. experiment environment data detection function: measure and add the current experiment environment temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity in the experiment information as the environmental parameters of the instrument experiment.
13. it can be equipped with medical network management teaching system to carry out laboratory network teaching.
Software indicators:
It has the functions of monitoring and drip recording, and drip recording has a special analysis and counting software.
2. a single device can be combined in any way to form a new 8-16 channel recorder, and has independent 8-channel and 16 channel software. The software can set 1~16 display channels (5~16 channels are used for analysis).
3. after selecting the corresponding experiment item, the software will automatically identify the sensor type you need. Just plug in the corresponding sensor to start the experiment without adjusting the parameters; And the experiment items can be expanded wirelessly according to users' needs (parameters can be defined by themselves). It has a flexible dimensional conversion function. The database stores the zero position, dimensional conversion ratio, experimental parameters and other parameters of various experiments, and calls and modifies them flexibly and quickly.
4. support waveform data export function, which can be opened by MATLAB, SPSS, SAS and other software. Open data interface can be customized for secondary development of software. Users can write their own software to collect, record and analyze the experimental waveform data.
5. support external stimulation capture module and synchronous display with blood pressure and oxygen monitor. Microcirculation synchronous video display and recording; It can be used together with the video visual education system. Synchronously record physiological signals and video signals, and support synchronous playback.
6. it has data analysis functions: integration, differentiation, frequency histogram, sequence / non sequence density histogram, two-dimensional and three-dimensional spectrum analysis, etc.
7. the software integrates the special pharmacological analysis toolbox and integrates a variety of pharmacological analysis tools, such as pa2 calculation, LD50 calculation by bliss method and t-test calculation Regression analysis, etc. It has the function of ECG automatic statistical analysis. It has the function of heart rate variability (HRV) analysis. It has special measurement and analysis functions for action potential, LTP, EEG, cell and nerve discharge of myocardial cells. It has the functions of dynamic and automatic measurement of ECG, blood pressure, intraventricular pressure, pulse, respiration, etc. It can be used for quantitative measurement of respiratory flow, measurement of respiratory mechanical indexes, and measurement of human lung ventilation.
8. data result export, import, backup, save function and data power-off recovery function. The data measurement results can be displayed in the form of data floating board or in channel display. The software has the function of waveform sound playback, and plays the experimental waveform in audio format. (such as decompression nerve discharge, heart sound, cochlear microphonic potential and other experimental sound restoration).
9. the supporting software can automatically update the software online; It has the function of counting the number and time of instrument use. Automatically collect user feedback online and solve user problems in a timely manner. The software can be matched with English version software, which is suitable for external education. Have a context help system.
10. the software has the function of split oscillograph (i.e. left view function), which is used to observe the recorded waveform at any time during the recording process, and align it for relevant data analysis.
11.windows traditional software interface, the software is compatible with all 64 bit and 32-bit operating systems.
12. main accessories (additional configuration can be changed according to user requirements):
1- one host; 1 set of biological signal acquisition and processing system analysis software;
2-1 USB2.0 signal line accessory;
3-shield 2 bioelectric signal input lines; 1 stimulation output line; 1 recording input line.
4-one inlet tee; 1 venous manometric tube;
5-blood pressure sensor 1 (-10~40kpa) calibration transducer
6-muscle tension sensor 1 (0~50g) calibration transducer

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