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Endoscopy system (hysteroscopy)
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Endoscopy system (hysteroscopy)

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Product description

Hysteroscopy system is a high-tech product for examining various gynecological diseases. It is widely used in primary infertility, secondary infertility, submucous myoma, endometrial polyps, postmenopausal vaginal bleeding, separation of intrauterine adhesions, endometrial biopsy, fallopian tube obstruction, fallopian tube dredging, intrauterine device rupture, incarcerated labyrinth, difficult ring removal, etc. it is widely used in general hospitals, maternal and child health centers of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals Ideal inspection equipment for family planning guidance department

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Technical parameters of hj-60 hysteroscopic image processing system
Scope of application:
Examination, sampling and operation of uterine cavity diseases.
1. image processor:
1.1 white balance: automatic / manual locking;
1.2 image sensor: 1/2.8 inch progressive scanning with high sensitivity;
★ 1.3 output pixels: 1920 (H) * 1080 (V) 60 frames;
1.4 image freezing: one click single frozen image;
1.5 remote control: the camera has two remote control functions;
★ 1.6 definition: 1080 lines;
1.7 scanning mode: progressive scanning 16:9;
1.8 minimum illumination: 0.2Lux;
1.9 signal to noise ratio: 60dB;
★ 1.10 the camera is ipx7 waterproof and can be soaked and disinfected;
★ 1.11 video output: cvbs/hd-sdi/hdmi/dvi × 2。
2. cold light source of medical endoscope
★ 2.1 LED power: 80W;
2.2 illumination: ≥ 1400000lux;
2.3 output luminous flux: 1800lm;
2.4 color temperature: 3000k~7000k;
2.5 color rendering index: ≥ 90;
2.6 coupling index: 70;
2.7 lamp bead life: 30000 hours;
2.8 spectral range: 400~700nm;
2.9 noise: ≤ 55dB;
2.10 optical output channel: single channel;
2.11 minimum illumination: 0.5Lux × F2.0;
2.12 power supply: AC220V, 50Hz;
2.13 guide beam: 2.0m.
3. medical HD monitor
★ 3.1 display screen: 24 inch 16:9 wide angle LED display screen;
3.2 point distance: 0.2652mm × 0.2652mm;
3.3 maximum resolution: 1920 × 1080;
3.4 chromaticity: 16.7M;
3.5 contrast ratio: 1500:1;
3.6 response time: 5ms;
3.7 brightness: 400cd/m2;
3.8 visual angle: 178 ° (H) × 178°(V);
3.9 input No.: HDMI, DVI, VGA, CVBS, USB (3g/sdi optional)
3.10 output signal: one CVBS loop output;
3.11 power supply: ac100~240v 50/60hz;
3.12 power: 50VA.
4. hysteroscopy
4.1 primary mirror: curved 22 ° Ф 6.4x175mm
4.2 soft biopsy forceps: Ф 2.3x410
4.3 soft scissors: Ф 2.3x410
4.4 soft four grip pliers: Ф 2.3x410
4.5 soft brush: Ф 2.3x410
5. uterine dilator
5.1 pressure 0-30kpa, with leather tube / inflation needle, automatic control of air pressure and air filtration.
Surgical electroscope
6.1 maximum outer diameter: ≤ 8.4mm
6.2 working length: > 208 mm
6.3 operation electrode stroke: > 28 mm
6.4 visual direction angle: 12 °± 5 °
6.5 field angle: 55 ° (deviation -5% upper limit is not included)
6.6 resolution at 10mm: 8lp/mm (deviation -5% upper limit excluded)
6.7 observation depth range: 1mm--120mm
Instrument Cart
7.1 medical metal multi-layer cart, with single-layer bearing capacity of 25kg and overall bearing capacity of 100kg; The universal wheel can rotate 360 °.
Graphic workstation
★ 7.1 one set of HD graphic workstation

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