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Dw-t8 four-dimensional color ultrasound machine
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Dw-t8 four-dimensional color ultrasound machine

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Product description

Product configuration
The stable and reliable win7 operating platform integrates intelligent operation process, humanized appearance design and intimate human-computer interaction
Main screen 19 inch medical HD display, and 21.5 inch widescreen optional;
The touch screen 10.4 "shall be fully filled with glue first;
Probe 4 interface is fully activated, and 256 core plug is more stable and reliable;
User defined keys, which can be freely assigned according to doctors' habits
Product advantages:
1. Excellent image performance:
The image quality has been greatly improved, especially in the heart, superficial and abdomen.
2. Comprehensive diagnostic solutions:
Powerful functions and rich measurement software can quickly and conveniently help you solve the problems of abdomen, peripheral blood vessels, gynecology, obstetrics, newborns,
Skeletal muscle, heart and other clinical diagnosis needs.
3. Imported probe process:
The full series of probes are made of imported composite materials, which improves the penetration of the probe. Greatly improve the image quality.
4. Design of man-machine experience:
Humanized touch screen design makes it faster and more convenient to switch the probe and inspection mode.
5. Cost effective:
The price of mid-range equipment and the configuration of high-end machines. More advantages in peer competition.

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Double real-time contrast imaging (conventional gray-scale + elastic imaging) is used to improve the level of diagnosis and differentiation of small organ diseases (breast, thyroid, superficial soft tissue tumors, etc.).
Wide field imaging (WFOV):
Expand the scanning field and observe the image information of large lesions in real time
Trapezoidal imaging, deflection imaging:
Break through the limitation of the field of view of the linear array probe, expand the convexity, and increase the scanning angle; It is easier to find the focus by increasing the display of the middle and far field, especially for the examination of breast, thyroid and skeletal muscle.
Anatomical 3M imaging technology:
Compared with the M-type single line mode, anatomical 3M imaging adds 3 anatomical lines, and the angle of measurement points is adjustable. It can get more and more accurate information about various structures of the heart, which is conducive to better observe the abnormal condition of cardiac cavity size and ventricular wall periodic motion.
IMT vascular intima-media automatic measurement:
The thickness of vascular intima-media is an important indicator to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease in asymptomatic people. Dawei automatic intima-media measurement technology provides you with an effective detection tool to automatically measure the thickness of vascular intima-media in the near field and far field, and automatically optimize the measurement angle.
Tissue Doppler imaging (TDI):
The application of TDI imaging technology in cardiac examination has greatly improved the diagnostic confidence of clinicians. Through the motion capture of myocardial function, the motion rate of blood vessel wall and heart tissue can be accurately measured.
Space composite imaging technology:
Spatial composite imaging technology can enhance the tissue boundary signal by deflection of sound beam, reduce the echo loss of lateral wall, and make the tissue boundary clearer.
Harmonic imaging (THI), harmonic fusion imaging (FHI):
Compared with the traditional signal processing, thi and FHI can increase the signal strength by more than 30%, reduce the noise and artifacts, and greatly improve the resolution of tissue images

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