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4K Dual Fluorescent Audio-Image Fusion Navigation System Fire3
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4K Dual Fluorescent Audio-Image Fusion Navigation System Fire3

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Product description

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FHD Dual Fluorescent audio-image fusion navigation system
technical specifications
A . Device nameFHD Dual Fluorescent audio-image fusion navigation system Fire3
B . Quantity: set
C .Main technical specifications and description:
*3.1.1 Monitor: 27 inches intelligent global touch screen display, new ergonomic
operation interface
*3.1.2 The camera host, cold light source, monitor, and insufflation machine can all be operated on the touch screen, and the software functions respond quickly
3.1.3 The resolution of fluorescence camera is 1920*1080P, and it is progressive scan
3.1.4 The camera can collect white light and fluorescence images at the same time, and
the host CCU has the function of processing white light and fluorescence images
3.1.5 Fluorescence dedicated camera: can simultaneously collect visible light bands and near-infrared bands
3.1.6 The camera adopts a highly sensitive, wide-spectrum 400-900nm fluorescence specific CMOS component
3.1.7 The camera host has a variety of image display modes3.1.8 With laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and other modes
3.1.9 Fluorescence visual signal time-sharing output independent adjustable mode 2 kinds
3.1.10 Brightness automatic adjustment function
3.1.11 Wide Dynamic Image Processing
3.1.12 smoke removal technology
3.1.13 Dark Field Gain Technology
3.1.14 Vascular Enhancement*3.1.15 Emerald Light Imaging Technology
*3.1.16 Taiji light imaging technology
*3.2.1 Visualized Puncture Fluorescent Staining Technology
3.2.2 One-button parameter switching function 5 kinds
3.2.3 Fully Digital Aperture Beamformer
3.2.4 Multi-signal parallel processing technology
3.2.5 Continuously Variable Dynamic Aperture Acoustic Beam Focusing Technology
3.2.6 Fine tissue optimized imaging technology
3.2.7 Space Composite Imaging Technology
3.2.8 Adaptive Color Noise Optimization Technology
3.2.9 Phase Enhanced Harmonic Technology
3.2.10 specific tissue imaging
3.2.11 Playback and reproduction: Grayscale image playback 800 pieces, can be
customized to set 3.2.12 Image storage and (movie) playback and reproduction unit
3.2.13 Chinese and English patient management system
3.2.14 Multilingual display support and Chinese input
*3.2.15 Remote same-screen interactive teaching function
*3.2.16 Built-in 5G module supports remote assistance
3.2.17 Dual USB high-speed transmission ports
3.2.18 Color temperature adjustment mode
3.2.19 Color Correction Function
3.2.20 Monitor brightness automatic adjustment/manual adjustment3.2.21 One-key operation interface screen capture function
3.3.1 Fluorescent laparoscopic lens diameter and working lengthφ10x320mm
3.3.2 Angle of view 0° or 30°, high-definition mirror body
3.3.3 Laparoscopic endoscope has superior contrast and resolution, realistic color reproduction ability
3.3.4 effective depth of field range 3mm ~ 150mm, display index 90%
3.3.5 Field angle75°, effective luminous rate1000cd/m²Lm
3.3.6 The columnar optical transfer system uses nitrogen filling to avoid fogging due to excessive temperature difference changes
3.4.1 The light source has both white LED and fluorescent LED light output function or simultaneous output function
3.4.2 Light source full touch screen LCD display, brightness can be adjusted visually
3.4.3 LED light output is automatically turned off when the light source fiber is pulled out
*3.4.4 LCD screen monitors and displays the temperature inside the machine and the cumulative display of working hours
3.5.1 The insufflation instrument starts self-test, which can monitor the pressure of the cylinder and automatically empty the air in the pipeline.
3.5.2 The flow rate setting range is 0L/min-40L/min, and the flow rate is displayed in real time
3.5.3 The air pressure setting range is 5mmHg~25mmHg, and the display tolerance is ±3mmHg
3.5.4 With flow monitoring, flow records can be cleared;
3.5.5 There is an audible alarm for overpressure, and the gas filling will be automatically stopped, and the pressure will be released automatically if the set
value is 5mmHg.
3.5.6 With user setting memory function, automatically remember the user setting value after restarting after shutdown
3.5.7 There are two modes of normal filling and fast filling
3.5.8 The trolley can place medical monitors 27 inches, saving space in the operating room

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