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SMT-II Medical visual laryngoscope
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SMT-II Medical visual laryngoscope

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 Visual laryngoscope ZX-KSHJ portable
Visual laryngoscope ZX-KSHJ portable
Market price: Available for inquiry
 Video laryngoscope insight is6
Video laryngoscope insight is6
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Product description
The structure type of anesthesia video laryngoscope is divided into: type I (fixed PEEP)
Film) and type II (adjustable peep film). Type I video laryngoscope group
The camera consists of a handle (including a fixed piece), a peeping camera
Lithium polymer battery, liquid crystal display and power adapter; II
The video laryngoscope consists of a handle, an adjustable peep film (including a camera)
The utility model is composed of a peep sheet sheath, a lithium polymer battery and a liquid crystal display.
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1. HD wide-angle display size: 23 inches.
2. Resolution: 21600x1200.
3. Screen rotation angle: front and back: 09 ~ 1309, left and right: 09 ~ 2709.
4. It has USB output interface, data export and charging interface.
5. Digital camera system, pixel: 22 million.
6. Field angle: 70 ° + 15 °.
7. Effective depth of field: 3 ~ 100mm
8. Voltage 3.7V
9. Capacity 3200mah
10. Super anti fog function: it can be used immediately after startup without preheating.
11. The connection between the lens and the handle adopts the latest anti falling lock switch design, which can bear the stress of all parties without falling off. The throat lens adopts a unique hook type plane contact connection part to ensure good contact effect, stable plugging, durability and signal transmission flow
12. It has the functions of one key photographing, real-time video recording and so on.
13. Illuminance: ≥ 800Lux.
14. The laryngoscope host can be compatible with disposable laryngoscope lenses and 304 medical stainless steel reusable metal lenses to meet the needs of all ages.
15. The spindle shaped wave type anti-skid design of the handle makes it comfortable and convenient for the operator to hold, and reduces the influence of the patient's chest on the laryngoscope insertion operation
16. Equipped with rechargeable battery, charging time: 5h, battery discharge time: 26h.
17. Equipped with charger.
18. Equipped with a high-strength fall resistant protective box.

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