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MB automatic external defibrillator AED-7000
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MB automatic external defibrillator AED-7000

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Product description
1. The automatic external defibrillator can automatically analyze whether the patient needs defibrillation, automatically charge when defibrillation is needed, and give a prompt of recommending electric shock;
2. ★ two phase truncated exponential wave, maximum energy ≤ 200J;
3. ★ patient impedance measurement range: ≥ 20-200 Ω;
4. ★ it is firm and durable, and the defibrillation error under bad conditions (working at 5 ℃, working at 40 ℃, working at 40 ℃ / 80% RH, working after collision): ≤± 5%, which shall be proved by the inspection report;
5. Recognition rate of non shockable rhythm (no intervention): ≥ 98.8%;
6. Have CPR metronome, and the frequency of metronome shall comply with relevant regulations of AHA;
7. Have eye-catching, simple and clear operation diagrams / instructions to improve rescue efficiency;
8. Pre connect the electrode pieces to ensure the rescue efficiency;
9. ★ it has the functions of ECG and on-site recording, and can be exported through the infrared port;
10. It has the function of battery power prompt to ensure that the equipment is available at any time;
11. ★ waterproof and dustproof grade: ≥ IP55;
12. It can still work normally after falling for 1.5m;
13. Battery: standby time: ≥ 5 years, defibrillation times: ≥ 100 times, 200J;
14. ★ it can be equipped with a variety of installation forms, such as placement base, placement box, placement cabinet, portable bag and so on;
15. ★ weight of the whole machine: ≤ 2kg, which is convenient for transportation and ensures the timeliness of rescue;
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Mai Bang
Wave direction
Biphasic truncated exponential wave
Maximum energy
Patient impedance measurement range
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
With CPR metronome
ECG waveform
It has ECG and on-site recording functions
Protection grade 
standby time 
≥ 5 years
Battery defibrillation times:
≥ 100 times 200J
Machine weight
Defibrillation error

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