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Physic-Control Medtronic defibrillation monitor LifePak 1000
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Physic-Control Medtronic defibrillation monitor LifePak 1000

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Product description
·AED automatic external defibrillation
·Manual - provide operation to the user
·ECG - use three lead wires to provide ECG display function
·Settings - allows the user to configure the device
·Data sending - allows the user to send patient data
·Self test - Daily automatic detection of hardware and software
Control keys: on / off, electric shock, menu, two configurable soft keys
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1-hour operating temperature (from room temperature to extreme temperature, 1-hour duration): - 20 ~ 60 ℃ (- 4 ~ 140 ° f)
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃ (- 32 ~ 122 ° f)
Storage temperature: - 30 ~ 60 ℃ (- 22 ~ 144 ° f), including battery and electrode (* long exposure not more than 7 days)
Atmospheric pressure: 575hpa ~ 1060hpa (4572 ~ - 382m; 15000 ~ - 1253ft)
Relative humidity: 5 ~ 95% (non condensing)
Dustproof / waterproof grade: installed with battery and red1-paktm electrode, IP55 grade (iec600-68-2-29)
Shock frequency: 45 Hz, peak value: 45-40 G
Fall: 1 meter fall at each corner, edge and surface (mil-std-810f, 516.5, procedure IV)
Vibration: random vibration test-mil-std-810f, method 514.5, category 20: Ground vehicle 3.15g (root mean square). 1 hour per axle
Electromagnetic interference:
·Radiation - iec60601-2-4, iec60601-1-2, cispr11 class B, group 1
·Immunity: iec60601-2-4, iec60601-1-2, IEC 61000-4-2 (Level 4), iec61000-4-3,
Event recording and communication
Memory capacity: dual patient memory. For the current patient, * small 40 minute ECG. Summary data of previous patients.
Data types: continuous ECG, summary (key resuscitation events and related ECG waveforms), event log report (time marked report reflecting the activities of operators and equipment), test log report (self inspection activity report)
Capacity: * 100 event log entries with time stamp
Communication: infrared wireless data transmission for personal computers
Battery and ready display
*Secondary battery (non rechargeable battery with status indicator):
·Type - lithium manganese dioxide (Li / MnO2), 12.0V, 4.5 ah, weight -0.45 kg (1.0 lb)
·Power - new batteries typically provide 440 200 Joule shocks or 1030 minutes of operation (370 200 Joule shocks or 900 minutes of operation at 0 ° C)
·Shelf life - after the battery is stored at 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ for 5 years, the equipment can provide 48 months of standby life.
·Standby life (assuming daily testing only) - the new battery can provide 5 years of power for the equipment
·Battery low display - * * indicates that when the battery is low, * there are less than 30 shocks or 75 minutes of working time left.
physical characteristics
*Degree: 217.5px width: 585px depth: 692.5px
Weight: 3.2 kg (7.1 lb), including * sets of redi-pak electrodes and * non rechargeable batteries

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